2 Types of Psychic Powers You Can Develop at Home

In this article we are going to quickly look at types of psychic powers you can develop from home. I am a huge believer that ALL psychic skills are simply latent skills in our natural potentials, and that to develop them all you really need to do is turn them on so to speak. Its just like, EVERYONE has some artistic skill, or math solving skills, or can hit a tennis ball. The people who excel at these activities are those who PRACTICE, cultivate and develop these talents BEYOND the ordinary. Of course there are SOME…who simply, for at all event reason have a more naturally perfected sense for ANY of the above…but for the most part, we all can become psychic with a little bit of practice! Read on..:-)

Lucid Dreaming

This is a phenomenally fun and exceptional experience if you havent already had it. Essentially, you are dreaming…in addition AWARE you are dreaming and can effectively control, alter and experience ANYTHING your heart desires in this state. It is similar to an astral projection, only you are asleep…instead of consciously projecting in a meditative state. You can learn this skill EASILY, with a little bit of work, and some technology like binural beats, or guided meditation scripts and similar.

Out of Body Experiences

Very similar to the above, only you are AWAKE and simply consciously projecting your active awareness to the astral realms. Now, what exactly is going ON here is up for argue…many scientists believe it is simply your imagination in overdrive, while practitioners believe it is a REAL experience of separation from the body. And remember, many OBE experiencers have come back with VERIDICAL information about people, places and things they could NOT have known otherwise…and have reported this information in strict, test environments. This makes the art of explaining this occurrences as simply an imaginary one…VERY difficult indeed!

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