30 False Beliefs About Addiction

The meaningful to being successful in every aspect of your life is making the right decision. And good decision making depends on reliable beliefs. Getting rid of addiction is impossible, if we have false beliefs about addiction problem, because, the defining a problem is the first step for problem solving. These false beliefs are major obstacle for seeing addiction problem.
I never become addicted to drugs, alcohol, nicotine etc.
My friend gave up his or her addiction in one week; whenever I want I can give up my addiction in one week too.
To give up addictions is easy.
My friend tried all methods, but he could not conquer his problem, consequently, I can not conquer my problem too.
To conquer an addiction is impossible.
Addiction is a brain disease, and theres nothing I can do about it.
Addiction is a long time disease, that I just can manage it.
The only way to retrieve from my problem is attending twelve-step addiction recovery groups.
The only way to retrieve from my problem is attending Non-twelve-step addiction recovery groups.
The best way for getting rid from my problem is to register for a 28 day rehab program.
Relapse method that treatment has failed.
I am powerless over my addiction, because I have a relapse.
I am worthless, because I have an addiction.
Overcoming addiction has to be without discomfort.
Giving up addiction is so hard.
I didnt have to get addiction.
Stupid and crazy people are most prone to becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, nicotine etc.
People who become addicted have mental issues that rule them to this problem.
Its too late for me to quit my problem. The damage is done.
Relapse can happen without warning.
Recovery is an event, not a course of action.
Addiction is treated with cognitive behavior therapy, so it must be a behavioral problem.
Treatment is one size fits all.
There should be one magic solution for this problem.
You cant treat addicts with medications because medications are drugs.
Since treatment didnt work before, its probably hopeless, and theres no point trying again.
Once detoxification ends, if the addict does not return to addictive behaviors, changes in the pathways of the brain will return to their original healthy state.
Once recovery ends, if the addict does not return to drugs, brain damage caused by addiction usually remaining for the rest of a persons life.
Individuals must hit bottom in order to retrieve successfully.
There should be no drug relapses after completing a drug rehabilitation program.

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