5 Reasons You’ll Regret Hiring a PR Firm for Your Startup

Its better to correct a thing several times and finally deliver it with perfection, instead of wasting the hard earned resources on some petty decisions taken in a hurry that make us regret in the later on period. We know when you start a business all on your own you have loads of pressure and expectations to cater to, but my dear friend only the one who deals with this pressure with calm and composure will rule in a better way.

Coming to the problem where most Indian startups without behind is the way they manager public relations as a function. Its good to see that presently instead of experimenting with PR on their own, they are outsourcing it to the PR Agencies for Startups. But already while outsourcing them certain things will make you regret your decision of hiring a PR Agency for your Startup, and here is a list of such things:

1. They are not good story tellers: Yes, storytelling is the chief art in which PR specialized need to be an expert in because for a story to make a long-time impact it needs to be told in a manner that attracts journalists almost immediately. Most of the PR persons without behind in this art and often dont reap much assistance to the startups already when they are providing them with numerous inventive points to highlight.

2. They are always blabbering about past clients: Its good for PR persons to tell about their past clients to get the prospective clients on board. But once on board, if these professionals are nevertheless blabbering about past clients, instead of working on your project; then beware these people are good for nothing and will not reap you much media presence as claimed.

3. They are themselves considering them as experts: Yes, they are probably the experts in the art of storytelling, but this doesnt average they have to act as one when talking with their client. Instead of acting as an expert, they need to be disinctive and eager in the getting-to-know phase to mirror the best possible characteristics of the client and his/her organization in the media stories.

4. They are credit-hungry all the time: Their work is to get you news coverages, profile stories and of course some sort of interviews as promised in the deal. But at times, it is seen that PR agencies fool the startups by banking on the re-printed version of news coverage. So, when dealing with any startup PR Agency, be extremely careful about not getting fooled with it, only pay for the ones that are original in every sense.

5. They are extremely expensive: You are a new comer in the industry and considering your beginning in the industry you are the most likely ones to get cheated in terms of money. There are certain companies in this extremely general PR industry that will fool you around without you getting to know. So, instead of investing in these enterprises, take your time and do a high research about the best players in the PR industry specializing in the genre you or your organization works in.

Now, after reading all these facts, you might be thinking PR isnt good for startups. But it is unless and until you and your startup are appointing a reliable PR firm. The company will not only provide you with all that has been promised in the deal but will also design customized PR strategies for you and your startup that would reap in much more benefits than expected.

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