5 Simple Hacks To Keep The Air Clean and Fresh At Home

Imagine coming home to a clean house that smells amazing after a long stressful day at work. Sounds nice, right? Between the cooking, your kids, your pets and just living everyday life, your abode is bound to be a combination of a variety of aromas (which some are not so pleasant).

There are plenty of easy ways to keep your home smelling fresh, no matter what time of day it is.

Follow these 5 simple hacks:

Use basic oils

Pure basic oils not only smell great, but they are also known to have healing similarities. If you want the whole house to smell amazing, add a few drops of a high-quality basic oil of your choice on your air filter.

If youve never used basic oils before, some scents you can start with are lavender which contributes relaxation and lemon which is energizing and uncommon.

Try stovetop potpourri

Potpourri has long been used in homes to give it uncommon aromas. Do you remember when your mom used to fill little bowls with potpourri and characterize them in your living rooms or bedrooms?

A lot of people have moved on from that and has turned to making stovetop potpourri. As a start, try simmering lemon, rosemary and vanilla together for a clean, uncommon smell.

You can search online for more stovetop potpourri recipes.

Check your garbage disposal

Its normal for kitchen garbage disposals to smell funky, especially if theyre not cleaned regularly. An easy way to clean and deodorize it naturally is to cut up orange or lemon peels and freeze them with water on ice trays.

Once frozen, run it by your garbage disposal. The combination should help clean the disposal blades and deodorize it naturally.

Keep rugs and carpets odor-free

To get rid of the funky smell from your carpets or rugs (especially in widely used rooms in your house), sprinkle a bit of baking soda on it and allow to sit for 15-30 minutes. Vacuum as normal and the odor should be gone.

Use your oven

If youre having guests over and need to make the house smell amazing in a hurry, put vanilla in your oven! Pour 2 capfuls of vanilla extract into an oven-safe dish or mug and bake for 1 hour (300).

There you go – try any of these simple hacks to keep the air clean and fresh at home and youll be relaxed at all times!

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