5 Ways to Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

5 Ways to Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small creatures that infest homes all over the world. Since bed bugs satisfy on human blood, they gather in mattresses and box springs, giving them easy access to their human victims while they sleep.

Getting rid of bed bugs can be very challenging. That’s why it’s best to avoid having them infest your home if at all possible. Bed bugs are very easily transmitted from one place to another, so if you are traveling away from home you are at serious risk of bringing home some unwelcome guests.

To avoid infestation in your home, follow these simple steps:

  1. Use Bed Bug Mattress Protectors: Now widely obtainable, bed bug mattress covers offer superior protection both on the mattress and the box springs. The mattress encasement slips over the complete mattress and box spring, keeping the bugs retained inside. Since the covers are impenetrable, the bugs cannot escape from within causing them to ultimately starve to death.
  2. Travel Lightly: When traveling, avoid taking along your linen or towels. Use hotel towels and linens which are left behind and won’t bring along unwanted critters.
  3. Wash clothing and other belongings well after traveling in warm to hot water to kill off any larvae which may be left behind.
  4. Keep personal belongings tied up and obtain when traveling to avoid infestation. Since the bugs cannot fly, the only way they can infest clothing and other bulky articles are by crawling. When clothing is tied up securely in bags, the risk of is reduced.
  5. Use special liners for suitcases and laundry bags. These are fully sealed bags that enclose the contents of a suitcase or laundry and protect bugs from crawling into and hiding in the suitcase.

Inspect you and your family’s skin for any signs of bites. Bed bug bites appear as small red welts on the back and upper legs. Although the risk of infection is minimal, it can cause serious discomfort if left untreated. It is possible for a bed to be infested without being aware of it. If you do find that your bed has become infested, don’t wait. Call an exterminator or bug specialist to treat the infestation properly and quickly.

shared courses of treatment for infestation are: dog sniffing, irradiation, heat treatment, chemical treatment, and the old fashioned wash in hot water technique.

Bed bugs are a meaningful trouble once they do infest, so take the proper precautions and steps to avoid infestations in the first place. Often people that experience an infestation say that it can be worse than moving. Emptying closets, washing piles of clothing, inspecting again and again, are all part of dealing with an sudden increase. Don’t become another statistic. Be one step ahead of them by protecting yourself with the proper bed covers today.

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