6 Reasons Leaving Voicemails nevertheless Makes Sense

In the business-to-business cold calling world, it can seem like leaving a voicemail is useless. Considering the scarce instances a prospect truly returns your call (about 1 out of 40 voicemails for me) its tempting not to leave any voicemails at all and to just try to catch as many people live on the line as you can. There are some great arguments against leaving voicemails at all too. They include, working from a purchased list of prospects that probably receive 30 other voicemails per day from other companies, getting that robotic feeling when leaving multiple voicemails per day, and working from such a large database of equally valuable prospects that it doesnt make sense to use too much time on one company record.
With that being said, I nevertheless leave voicemails and get results. Yes it can be frustrating to go weeks without getting a returned call but when one returned call can start the time of action for a five-figure or six-figure sale, it can pay off. Here are 6 really good reasons to continue leaving voicemails:

1. INTRODUCTIONS PLEASE – When cold calling on behalf of a company your prospect has probably never heard of, leaving a voicemail makes an great introduction without having to dip into the bank to use money on advertising.

2. CREATING SUBLIMINAL THOUGHTS – Nooo…Leaving voicemails telling the prospect he is getting sleepy and will buy your products when he wakes is not what I had in mind. What I average is this, leaving more than one voicemail with your company name and giving a fleeting explanation of what you have to offer will create a subconscious imprint in the prospects brain. In marketing terms, leaving multiple messages is called creating touch points. (Other touch points may include mailing marketing postcards, sending e-mails, and advertising traditionally.)

3. CAUSES PROSPECTS TO TAKE ACTION – Leaving your contact information, website information, a phone number, and a valid reason for your prospect to call you back will cause your prospect to take action. I cannot tell you the number of times Ive left voicemails with prospects; and when I finally got them on the line they told me they remembered my message, checked out our company website, or jotted down my number with the intent on calling me back. Many prospects will simply research your company (like checking Google) before deciding if it makes sense to return your call. When youve produced this kind of intrigue, you are halfway there in getting them to commit to a confront-to-confront meeting or conference call. Sometimes they already return your call to set it up. Consider it inexpensive, one-on-one marketing.

4. NOT LEAVING VOICEMAILS WASTES TIME – Think about it. When you call a prospect and hang up before you hear the beep, youre wasting an opportunity to give her a valid reason to call you back. Of course, leaving more than one voicemail every other day may make you seem like a desperate stalker. Leaving multiple voicemails with different good reasons to return your call (every two or three days) uses your time wisely.

5. NAME-DROPPING ON VOICEMAIL GETS RESULTS – The majority of meetings I set up are done so because I started off by calling the highest-leveled executive, got a referral from him, and called the person I was referred to and told him the top person referred me. It works very well when getting the referred to person live on the phone but it also motivates them to return your call, which results in the same outcome.

6. EXECS GET TOO BUSY TO ANSWER THE LINE – You may think the gatekeeper is lying to you when she tells you the prospect is a meeting every time you call. Realistically though, the majority of most executives days are spent in meetings. (Check out the top executives schedule in your own office and youll see how valid that is.) Though executives are busy, they do check voicemail. Sometimes they delete them. Sometimes they forward the call to the most appropriate contact within their organization (Ive been told this by employees whove returned my call on behalf of the executive I left a voicemail for.). And sometimes they truly return your call…when they find the time.

Leaving voicemails and expecting realistic results can be an inexpensive way to market your company, create interest, and ultimately set up a meeting that results in a closed deal.

Best regards,

E. R. Carpenter

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