7 Wisdom to Perform Real Magic and Living Your complete Life with Distin…


Are you nevertheless searching and researching for the magical way of how to truly unprotected to total success in all areas of your private, public, and specialized life while living on this planet earth within this wonderful universe?

Then allow me to proportion with you vital and valuable information pointing to the 7 Wisdom so that you shall enjoy real magic at every moments of your complete life. So, are you ready to score the following 7 A’s.

Wisdom # 1 – Abide
The God is the Creator of all creations. As a creation, shall you prefer to abide the one and only law that operates to control order throughout the whole universe. Once you abide, you shall begin to know what truly real magic is.

To abide the law, please agree that it exists as a system to include more than the psychic, psychological, metaphysical, and physical dimensions. Next, acquire information pertaining to the law from the Holy Scripture so that you can discriminate the facts, from the fictions and the falsehoods.

Accept the complete course of action to enjoy numerous advantageous that contain within the law for your immediate usage. Be patience to allow the appearances of abundance in your life.

Then, concede its awesome manifestation and advocate if you will its benefits to others so that more real magicians arise to produce at will the desired outcome leading to a wonderful life on earth. Now and here experience living your complete life with distinction.

Wisdom # 2 – Awaken
Awaken the giant within, by pursuing to know thyself as the meaningful to your own total success. Once awaken, the unstoppable you is here and now ready to taste unlimited strength as a real magician.

Prefer not the absurdity to be somebody or to be anything you want. The best advice is for you to truly be, become, and being your own self. consequently, always be alive and alert to living your own life in accordance to your own definition.

Next, position your original self in a state where you can arise in your position on the apex of your life. As a real magician, continue to author your own script in the form of a proposal in this life size movie, and its approval shall uplift the giant within, in a transformation to being an awaken dreamer. Now and here experience living your complete life with distinction.

Wisdom # 3 – Avoid
Avoid the devil, its evilness, and all forms of evil suggestions coming from your inner and outer regions. Once avoided you shall possess the total freedom to perform real magic in your life.

Please let in the devastating impact and effect of any digression, deviation, and diversion from the standard norms of divine living. Uphold the option to stay away from all decisions, choices, and preferences that rule to incessant sorrows and regrets. for example, why the eagerness to take, when you can easily make? Yes…real magic.

Safeguard your self from all forms of abuse within any erroneous zone by being in charge and take complete control of circumstances, conditions, events, and situations.

Resist all permanent temptations, in addition insist on the strength to persist the appropriate conduct base upon values and virtues. avid from any wrongdoings as listed in the divine commandments so as to avoid any affliction against your conscious remembrance of the truth placed neatly at the center of your being. Now and here experience living your complete life with distinction.

Wisdom # 4 – Ask
As a servant, seek help and ask the Lord to grant you the aspiration to change what you can change, the acceptance of what you cannot change, and the wisdom of knowing the possible alternatives. Knowing the complete art and science of asking is the enjoyment of real magic.

Remember that the highest form of communication in life is your conversations with the God. deliberately post strength questions to the all-knowing God, so that you shall be given the best answers toward the ultimate way of life now here, and here after.

In asking, enhance your ability to take advantage of all forms of provisions, and the best techniques of accelerating their manifestations in your life.

Ask not the misguided aim of anything you want, instead ask all that are the best especially those that enlighten you as a real magician in your life. Now and here experience living your complete life with distinction.

Wisdom # 5 – Attract
Be spiritually magnetized by being alive and living life with liveliness to attract all obtainable invisible angelic supports that include energy, ether, force, strength, vibration, vortex, wave, and more, ready to serve you to assistance from real magic.

Be socially adventurous by being subtle in your popularity in the form of silent whispers to attract all visible affiliation and association especially those individuals who are having similar vision, and mission that synchronize with yours. Then make direct acquaintances to form a harmonious master-mind group. Amass multiple benefits from synergistic real magic.

Align your thoughts within your mind in your brain, and the emotions within your sanubari in your heart with these angelic supports toward the realization of all your desires, dreams, needs, obsessions, wants, and wishes.

Use the most effective affirmation as a form of an auto-suggestion in your internal communication. Harness your complete inner system until it glows with an aura of your finest appeal, so that you beautify your outer turn up. Now and here experience living your complete life with distinction.

Wisdom # 6 – Activate
Activate to simplify all methods toward your total success by the integration of your realization, awareness, and consciousness, so as to open up all possibilities of various opportunities to analyze new frontiers and to conquer exciting new ventures.

Once activated, the crystal ball is already within your vision, and the magic wand is in your hand to command real magic in accordance to your will.

Apply automation in all your actions to gain access of various admission of magical performances in every moments of your life. reach all that are the best luxury life is offering you. Now and here experience living your complete life with distinction.

Wisdom # 7 – Award
Award yourself after every accomplishments. Then, aspire to greater heights in performing real magic at will. Continue admiring the numerous attributes within you to transform all forms of manifestations from conception.

Continue to appreciate the wonders of real magic with the attitude of gratitude and combine it with your aptitude so that you shall endlessly arise to the highest altitude of the finest extent in your life.

Please amplify the amazing wonders of real magic by sharing it with others, in the spirit of – the more you give the more your get – and perhaps assist each other to experience an immense quantum jump forward in our life.

wealth in all its aspects is now ours when we extend and expand our mutual interest in real magic consequently assuring the everlasting living of our complete life with distinction.

In summary lets join to rank with all the distinguished individuals in the academy of real magicians. Wow! Please acknowledging the saying by Benjamin Franklin, “the doors of wisdom are never shut”, and I add, “please go into the door of the 7 wisdom that encouragingly spell – welcome to real magic”.

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