9 stellar takedowns of the woman who criticised MP Stella Creasy’s app…


Oonagh Keating. Updated April 20th, 2022

The Labour MP for Walthamstow, Stella Creasy, serves a busy constituency at a time of arguably a perfect storm of multiple national crises, in addition as being the mother of two small children.

Her parliamentary stances have included fighting to make misogyny a hate crime, for fairer abortion rights for the citizens of Northern Ireland and to make it possible for more parents of young children to have political careers.

All of that took a back seat to her turn up when barrister Molly Giles shared these thoughts..

The tweet – and Ms. Giles’ priorities – came in for some hefty mockery. The language wasn’t thoroughly safe for work.


Yeah, imagine the kind of twat that disrespects Commons benches like that. pic.twitter.com/e9zlQlSIYZ

— Mike Holden (@MikeHolden42) April 20, 2022


If you think a busy MP looking like a modern working women is inappropriate in HoC, just wait until you find out who’s sitting opposite her!

— Fran (@FranS199) April 20, 2022


What’s she done? Broken lockdown rules and lied to the house or something? I’m assuming this isn’t just about what she’s wearing, as that would be beyond facile.

— Andy Ryan (@ItsAndyRyan) April 20, 2022


Boris Johnson lies in Parliament, but yes, it’s the female Labour MP wearing the backpack that is the problem. https://t.co/qz7IJVTsY3

— Splodgehappy ♤ ♡ ◇ ♧ (@Splodgehappy) April 20, 2022


Not a jumper! And trousers!! Pass the smelling salts because this really is the worst thing that’s happened in our esteemed Parliament this week, I know right? https://t.co/TmHEMegXHB

— Jo Elvin (@jo_elvin) April 20, 2022


I think not wearing trousers is probably frowned upon in Parliament… https://t.co/HOq14qkgJA

— Luke Davis (@LukeJSD) April 20, 2022


Who gives a fuck?

The PM wears a suit and is a criminal. I know who I’d rather have there https://t.co/RXZlBr0TOE

— Josh ️‍ ️‍⚧️ (@JJM_1994) April 20, 2022


If the seat is so privileged why is Johnson allowed to lie it in so frequently? Come on, continue those ridiculous standards of yours across the room… https://t.co/un1EoZLMPp

— Liam Hejsak (@HiamLejsak) April 20, 2022


I also understand that Stella Creasy did not seek her husband’s permission to leave the family home either, let alone go to the House of Commons. https://t.co/OfkMU9i62a

— JWExTheSpa (@SpaJw) April 20, 2022

The post was brought to the attention of Stella Creasy, and she treated it with the contempt it deserved.

someone just tagged me in this post and …OH MY GOD! A WOMAN WORE TROUSERS IN PARLIAMENT!

I average the chief Minister broke the law and is refusing to resign, but I had a BACKPACK on instead of a briefcase!

Thank GOD the cameras didn’t catch me wearing flat shoes ey….. https://t.co/0u9vhPvoi8

— stellacreasy (@stellacreasy) April 19, 2022

Somebody contact the Standards Committee. They’ve probably got some free time coming up.


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