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If youre reading this review, chances are youre looking for information on FreeLife International. In this simple third party review, Ill go over the company and what you need to do to truly give yourself the best chance of succeeding should you decide to join.

FreeLife International is a company that sells various health products by a network marketing business form. It was established in 1995 by co-founders Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier. Both Faltinsky and Fournier have decorated backgrounds in marketing and direct sales. In its very first year of business, FreeLife became the youngest company ever to be featured on the cover of Success magazine, and has been proven in several publications since then. In addition, while the company is based in Phoenix, Arizona, there are distributors in over 27 countries.

As far as their products go, FreeLife sells many different products including supplements, personal care products and weight loss products. Their flagship product is GoChi, which is truly an evolved version of their original product called Himalyan Goji Juice. GoChi, which is a super juice made with goji berries, is backed by scientific research and clinical trial. Some of its reported benefits from these trials include increased energy, better quality of sleep, reduced stress and less fatigue. In addition, FreeLife just recently launched a complete line of weight management products called TAIslim.

Now, lets cover FreeLifes business opportunity. You can become a distributor by paying an initial start-up cost, which mostly pays for your initial product order, and then maintaining a monthly autoship order. There are several ways to make money and the compensation plan operates as a unilevel form. There seems to be a fair balance of immediate, upfront income possible and back-end, monthly residual income possible. At the higher levels, there are other incentives including advancement bonuses, training bonuses to help pay for your monthly expenses, cash bonuses, car bonuses and already matching his and hers watches.

Its not hard to see that FreeLife International is a credible company, with high quality products and a substantial compensation plan. However, these things alone will not make you successful. Pitching your friends and family will only take you so far. And prospecting complete strangers will give you horrible results. This is why its basic to your success that you learn effective marketing techniques that will permit you to generate leads. Without leads for your business, you have little to no chance of succeeding. However, if you use an allurement marketing system that can help you generate more leads than you could truly get to, theres no limits and no telling how successful you can be with your FreeLife International business.

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