ACN Iris 3000 Review – How Good Is It Really?

ACN Iris 3000 Review – How Good Is It Really?

A VoIP phone essentially is a telephone that uses your internet connection instead of your telephone line to make a call, usually at a much lower rate. With more and more people having access to the internet, and the advances in internet connectivity, average VoIP servers are becoming increasingly popular. ACN are one of the main competitors, but in this fierce market, their VoIP Iris 3000 Videophone needs to be the best of the best if it wants to survive.

The Iris 3000 is one of ACNs popular models. Its features include a 7-inch screen, a CMOS camera and a standard phone jack, and can only be operated on a broadband connection. The Iris 3000 allows you to make video calls to other users, allowing you to see and well as hear the person on the other end of the line, as though you were sitting confront to confront. The videophone can be connected to your computer or your television, letting you see your loved ones on a much bigger screen. Other benefits include unlimited free video and voice calls to other ACN customers, the ability to get news, weather, sports and other online content, and the videophone doubles up as a digital photo frame in standby mode.

The Iris 3000 is pretty neat, however there is a much cheaper different: Skype. Skype that allows you to communicate with other users via moment message, voice calls, video calls and conference calls for free. Skype also allows you to call landlines and cell phones at a much lower rate than telephone providers. The advantage Skype has over ACN is that the program is free to download, and there is no commitment. ACN requires you to sign up and pay for a minimum of 2 years, while you can come and go as you please with Skype.

With people nevertheless watching every penny they use, trying to sell the ACN package could be hard to sell, particularly when free alternatives, such as Skype are freely obtainable. More so than ever before, it is important to follow a structured marketing plan. Without adequate training, you will struggle to convince money conscious customers to go with ACN.

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