Advantages of ESS-13 Over PVC Liners For Sealing Ponds and Lakes


In this article, I discuss the dominant advantages of using the proprietary Environmental Soil Sealant (ESS-13) over PVC pond liners for sealing ponds and lakes.

long-lasting Results

When ESS-13 is used, the results are immediate. The product binds with the soil on a molecular level, resulting in a long-lasting seal. These conditions allow for the natural healing course of action to occur. Because of this, ESS-13 is the only lining system that truly improves over time. One problem with PVC pond liners, however, is that they break down over time and may need to be patched or replaced.

In the early 1970’s in Tempe, Arizona we installed ESS-13 in a 50-acre subdivision lake project. To date, that lake is nevertheless holding water perfectly. Around the same time, many other lakes in the Phoenix metropolitan area were constructed using PVC liners, and unfortunately most of these liners have since failed.

Guaranteed Results

All ESS-13 applications come with a guarantee. This is a meaningful advantage over PVC liners, as PVC liners are usually warranted against manufacturing defects only. This does not address the fact that PVC liners (by character of the material) decay and breakdown over time. ESS-13 is not prone to UV rays, rough subgrade, tearing, stretching or other factors that are inherently problematic for PVC liners. ESS-13 is a proven liner system that has been tested in the harshest conditions throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and parts of Asia.

The incorporation of an ESS-13 Waterborne Application in our warranty enables our customer to take advantage of our guarantee without draining their pond or lake. This is a definite advantage when water is valuable or scarce.

Cost Savings

On average, ESS-13 will save customers 25% or more on construction / installation costs when sealing ponds and lakes; and the savings increase over time. The total lifecycle cost of ESS-13 is considerably less because unlike PVC liners, ESS-13 is long-lasting. ESS-13 will not break down over time; our liner is more lasting because ESS-13 is not inclined to punctures by animals, equipment etc. Fish habitat material, rock features or aeration systems can be placed directly on top of the ESS-13 liner using standard construction equipment with no fear of liner damage.

On-Site Quality Control

When ESS-13 is used in a dry application, a Seepage Control representative is on-site during the complete installation course of action to ensure the lining system is properly installed. This quality control is provided at no additional cost and enables Seepage Control to guarantee the results. By working directly with the contractor, owner, and engineers, Seepage Control is able to ensure the end results meet or go beyond all expectations. Generally speaking, on-site technical representation is not obtainable with PVC liners.

Ease of Application

One of the definite advantages of ESS-13 over a PVC pond liner in sealing ponds and lakes is the ease of application. Since ESS-13 is applied using standard earth moving equipment, it does not require the use of a specialty contractor. The on-site excavation contractor can do the installation with just a small crew. ESS-13 is much more forgiving during negative weather conditions in addition. The installation of a PVC liner, however, requires skill and skill during the installation course of action and involves the use of many people.

ESS-13 is either shipped in 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes, making the transportation and handling of the product much simpler than with long heavy roles of PVC liner material.

One of our most shared inquiries is from pond and lake owners whose PVC liners have failed. We have had tremendous success in sealing these ponds with an ESS-13 Waterborne Application. In some situations, we have had to completely remove the PVC pond liner and replace it with an ESS-13 soil lining system. With ESS-13, you can unprotected to excellent, long-lasting, guaranteed results, and at a important savings over PVC liners.

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