Advantages of Pre-Insulated Duct Systems

The HVAC industry is expanding. Along with its development is the pre-insulated duct, which makes it possible for you to enjoy thermal comfort and permissible indoor air quality. Since this duct system requires a single installation, you will not have to worry too much about the cost. You save time in the installation in addition.

1. Pre-insulated ducts are great space-savers. The material makes it possible to be installed flat against structural elements, thereby saving building space. These make floor space obtainable for other purposes. In addition, these could be installed on ceilings, floors, and walls.

2. They also create thermal comfort, which also accounts for reducing energy consumption. With adequate thermal insulation, energy efficiency and reduced energy costs are possible.

3. Pre-insulated ducts are lightweight. They only weigh half as much as an insulated material. consequently, they are easily transported and installed. You can expect lower handling costs because you dont need much manpower to carry and install them. In fact, two men are enough to install pre-insulated ducts.

4. They are eco-friendly. These ducts are free from CFCs so you can be sure that you are getting thermal comfort without harming the ozone inner, a characterize known as zero Ozone Depletion possible.

5. They are fire and smoke proof. Pre-insulated ducts or panels are fire-resistant and will not release smoke when heated by a flame source. They are likewise heat-resistant as they can resist temperatures as high as 800°C. It is also resistant to fungus growth.

6. Fast installation is guaranteed. Because the ducts are lightweight, installation time is thrice faster than that of sheet steel ductwork.

7. Noise is considerably reduced. This duct system has absorbs acoustics and is perfect for music rooms, studios, and theaters.

8. They are cleanable and hygienic. The joints along sections allow for cleaning, whether its the regular or the mechanical method. It also paves the way for cleaner air.

9. You save a lot of money from pre-insulated ducts. Considering all these features, you dont just save installation time and cost; you save yourself from maintenance fees because these ducts are known for their durability. They also have a longer life span, ranging from 20 to 30 years, which will save you resources until the time you replace the duct. Truly, having pre-insulated ducts in your home or office is more of a necessity than a luxury. The benefits definitely stretch to a lifetime.

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