Aion Templar Guide – Aion Leveling Guide For Templar

Aion Templar Guide – Aion Leveling Guide For Templar

Do you need an Aion guide to level a Templar on the fastest way? There are many ways to level fast but there are 5 things that you always need to remember and to keep in mind when you are leveling your Templar character in Aion.

Where To Go With Your Templar In Aion

It’s necessary that you know exactly where to go, and where not to go. However, to determine if a place is good you should know 2 things. A good leveling area shouldn’t be too big, but it shouldn’t be too small either. An other thing to keep an eye on are the quests. A good leveling identify should have lots of quests to sustain your leveling course of action.

Who Your Templar In Aion Should Talk To

An other very important aspect that is to know who to talk to. If you are going to talk with the wrong person, whether it’s for accepting a quest or to learn a profession skill, you will lose time.

What Quests You Should Accept For Your Templar

It’s really important that you will only accept quests that are good to level with. To know what quest is good or bad you should determine the time it takes. If you see a quest and you think that it will take you 5 minutes to complete then it’s definitely a good quest to level with. However, if you see a quest which will take you 15 minutes or longer then you should decline it.

Important: It’s recommended to accept kill quests since they give you an experience contributes because you are killing creatures which will give you experience.

What Creature Your Templar Has To Defeat

When you are doing the so called “kill quests”, then you got to know what creature to kill, right? It’s important that you know exactly what creature to if you kill the wrong ones then you’ll be wasting lots of time. To do this you should read the description of the quests very carefully.

What Items A Templar Should Get

Most quests are also called “picking up” or “gather” quests. To complete these quests you will have to collect items. You got to know exactly where these items are. To do this you should know the area that you are leveling in. This way you know exactly where to go and where to collect the items.

Using A Step By Step Aion Templar Leveling Path

However, in order to level your templar on the fastest way it’s highly recommended to get yourself a step by step leveling path that’s coming along with instructions, color pointed maps & screenshots.

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