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Hospitals, laboratories, clean room facilities, coal mining operations have been using these types of monitors for quite a while now to continue clean, healthy environments or to avoid conditions where there is a danger present. And up until very recently, these monitors have been very expensive, usually in the thousands of dollars. Well, not anymore!

Now, good quality air monitors are very affordable, and they are getting more and more attention as they are helping people with allergies, asthma, already helping estimate the effectiveness of air purifiers, heating /cooling systems and a lot more. Why? Because an air monitor will give you almost moment truth about whats floating around in your air. This is great news for people with allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues as they can now avoid situations that might cause an attack, or fix something that is causing a problem. If youre sick and youre not sure why, an air monitor might let you know if somethings been floating around in your air.

So whos got the goods? One company that offers high-quality, affordable air monitors is DYLOS Corporation. They offer true laser particle counters that are sensitive all the way down to 0.5 microns. Some of these amazing air monitors have a PC interface, too-so you can graphically see the particle counts on a computer, keep records for up to 30 days, or send that information to someone that needs via email, etc.

These air monitors detect the same kind of particles that the EPA monitors-PM10 and PM 2.5. PM10 is particles between 2.5 and 10 microns, such as pet dander, mold spores, dust, etc. PM2.5 refers to particles 2.5 microns and smaller, such as smoke particles, bacteria, viruses, etc. How big is a micron? Well, there are 25,400 microns in 1 inch. A human hair is about 60-70 microns thick.. Did you know that air pollution sometimes condenses into particles? Its true. Some of the vaporized pollutants combine with other elements in the air to form particles. And if you dont know its there, theres a good chance youll inhale it.

PM10 particles tend to cause a lot of allergies, asthma attacks, and other respiratory issues, but PM2.5 particles are particularly dangerous as they are too small to be caught by nasal hairs, etc. PM2.5 particles are easily inhaled into the bronchial tubes, lungs, and down to the alveoli, where air meets blood. When these particles get to the alveoli, there is nothing stopping them from into the blood, traveling to the brain, organs, etc. Once in the blood, these tiny particles can cause disease and damage. With an air monitor, we can know that these particles are present-and have a chance to get rid of it before too much is inhaled.

Ah, but the uses of air monitors dont stop there! With one of these air monitors, youll know closest whether you need to change your home cooling system filter. Or if perhaps your windows arent sealed correctly and its letting your neighbors trash burning smoke inside. Or whether that air purifier or vacuum sales person is telling you the truth! Take your air monitor with you when you go to rent an apartment-you might find that there are mold spores floating around!

Do you need duct cleaning? Just take out the filter in your home air system and then put the monitor in front of a vent. If it doesnt show a lot of particles, guess what? You just saved hundreds of dollars on a duct cleaning job! If the air monitor DOES show particles, maybe you just need a quality HEPA air purifier, as home air system filters can do only so much. Many people do not realize that already though you have a good filter in the home a/c system, you nevertheless have dust and other particles that get kicked up and inhaled before they are cycled by the home air system.

Non Smoking Restaurants / Establishments: In many cities now, its illegal to smoke inside. Use one of these air monitors to see if someone is smoking somewhere in your place of business. Put one in the bathroom and it will tell you if someones been smoking there! Are you allergic to smoke? An air monitor will let you know when its nearby!

So what about painting? Ever painted something, looks so nice when the paint is wet, etc–then it dries and it feels like there are little granules in the paint, not smooth anymore? Well, youre right! If you had an air monitor, you would have known that there was dust floating in the paint booth or room BEFORE you started painting. In this case, a real solution would be to get an air monitor, and a quality commercial air purifier that removes the dust. When you run the air purifier, you can test to make sure there are no particles floating around, then go ahead and paint if the air is all clear.

So how would I make money with one of these? Well, why not buy an air monitor for around $300 and offer your sets to people, businesses, etc., at $40-50 a test? By testing / evaluating the air, you could give your customers a clear report that saves them money, or lets them know about air quality issues that may need to be dealt with. HVAC installers: let customers know your system is doing its job-or that they need a new one!

As you can see, air monitors have all kinds of health-improving, money-saving, already money-making uses! For more information, see the author box below.

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