Aldi has launched a new online home store – and it already sells furnitur…

Aldi shoppers are thrilled after the discounter confirmed it has launched a new home store online. Items that it’ll sell in its new digital store include candles, bedding and larger furniture

Aldi has just launched a new online home store

Aldi has launched a new online home and furniture store so you don’t need to queue up in person.

The new Aldi Home online section is live now and is part of the main Aldi website.

There are currently four meaningful sections – home furnishings, bedding, kitchen and candles and fragrances.

in addition as cushions and storage bags, you’ll find mirrors and seasonal stock such as Halloween decorations.

Aldi is also stocking popular brands such as Harry Potter, surprise and Frozen.

Prices range from just 99p for smaller products such as tumblers and napkins to £244.99 for a Kenwood cake mixer.

Here is what the new Aldi Home store looks like

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Aldi says its home stock will be obtainable all year-round, unlike the famous Aldi Specialbuys which are released every Thursday and Sunday.

But the good news is, its Specialbuys will nevertheless run alongside its new furniture website.

Aldi announced the news on social media, saying: “You heard it here first!

“We’re launching our brand new Online Home Store so that you can now shop our home and interior products at your leisure!”

Aldi fans were also delighted by the news, with one saying: “Aldi just gets better all the time.”

Another additional: “Fantastic news!”

A third said: “Middle aisle online!”

And a fourth joked on Facebook: “Another way to use money!”

The news comes after Aldi confirmed it will finally start selling gift cards and you can load up to £500 on them.

Aldi has around 920 shops in the UK.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “Those looking for interiors and homewares should also check out Aldi’s new, long-lasting online home store, which offers everything from top quality bedding to tableware and kitchen essentials.

“obtainable all year round, the new offering is in addition to Specialbuy favourites, which will continue to set afloat online and in store on Thursdays and Sundays.”

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