Apple Designs iPhone With Customers in Mind


You may have already heard about the new Apple iPhone but do you know all the important and interesting features that are sure to make you want to be the first in line to buy one. In fact the iPhone has been in development for the past two years. The complete version comes with a combination of a wide screen iPod, Internet communications device with desktop capabilities, in addition as a mobile phone with texting.

When it is released on June 29th, the iPhone will be offered exclusively by AT&T Wireless. You can only buy the iPhone with a two year service agreement, and it will run you $499 for a 4GB version, and $599 for the 8GB version. Sounds expensive at first but when you think about the costs of a video iPod which is around $350 then the price doesn’t seem unreasonable. Look online for more iPhone features, specs, and photos.

The iPhone is truly rare because it runs on the MAC OS X operating system which makes it easy for users to seamlessly sync data from a MAC or PC. The Apple iPhone will also have complete iTunes integration giving you the ability to retrieve videos, music, and movies. The iPhone also uses Wi-Fi and EDGE to connect you to the Internet. An iPhone user will also have the ability to search and view standard web sites, view HTML Emails, and already get directions with Google Maps. No more getting lost as long as you have your phone on you.

The iPhone is operating by using the multi-touch technology where the user controls the device by sliding their finger across the touch sensitive screen that is a nice 3.5 inches. The iPhone has an amazing quality characterize that has a resolution of 320 by 480 pixels at 160 pixels-per-inch. The iPhone is only a insignificant 11.6 mm thick and weighs only 4.8 ounces.

Another neat and extremely useful characterize is the iPhone’s visual voice mail which shows your voice mail as if they were Emails. This method you have the ability to scroll by a list of voice mails to find the one you want, instead of being forced to listen to every message. You can also use the helpful conference call characterize which lets the user connect to two calls at once with one easy to use control. With the iPhone text messaging is made easier with the helpful touch screen meaningful board. This keyboard is progressive enough to predict commonly used information which helps the user avoid commonly misspelled words. There is also a spell check if you want to be sure you haven’t misspelled anything.

The iPhone also has three progressive sensors including the closeness sensor which automatically switches from the characterize and touch screen when the phone is being placed near an ear. The accelerometer sensor has the amazing ability to detect when the user turns their iPhone from portrait to scenery, and automatically changes the contents of the characterize as needed. This sensor also allows the users to see the complete width of a web page or photo.

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