Are You Safe From Termites?

What insects cause as much character damage as fire? Believe it or not, the answer is termites and you could be their next victim!

Termites – which are incorrectly referred to as white ants – have plagued man for centuries. Fossilized termite nests have been found in rocks dating over 220 million years old. There are about 2,000 different species and theyre found mainly in tropical countries.

These insects are considered serious pests in many parts of the world because they damage plants, houses and other wooden structures.

Of the three groups of termites, the smallest and most destructive are the subterranean termites that build their nest underground. These nests or termitaries are huge elaborate colonies, interconnected by a complicate network of passageways.

The king and queen of the colony belong to the royal or reproductive caste – the highest group. Their only occupation is the production of eggs. These termites live longer than other members of the caste – sometimes as long as 10 years.

The queen grows as much as 20,000 times the size of other termites to keep up as many eggs as she can. In a day, she lays about 50,000 eggs! A colony may contain from 100 to more than 1 million termites.

From the colony, worker termites tunnel their way to wooden structures, searching for food. They satisfy mainly on wood, paper, cloth and other material containing cellulose. In the time of action, they destroy wooden posts and homes, bridges, books and furniture. Given enough time, they will satisfy on the wood until nothing is left but a shell.

To save your home from termites, here are some functional tips:

Because termites need moisture to live, remove supplies of moisture in wood – repair leaks, move drains, and install sump pumps.

Eliminate food supplies of termites like tree stumps, construction debris from under the house or near the foundation.

Monitor your house regularly – at the minimum once a year. Be cautious of warning signs of termites like soft, crumbly wood, wood riddled with tunnels, fecal pellets or discarded termite wings.

Once youve taken these precautions you can pass by slowly soundly without worrying about termites. To help you rest, take Sedamine – the supplement that fights insomnia so you can sleep naturally. Visit for details.

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