Atlanta Mosquito Control in Winter: How to Prepare for Spring


Why specifically Atlanta mosquito control in winter? First, Atlanta is recognized as the worst city in the USA for mosquitoes. Or perhaps, the best city for mosquitoes because they all seem to congregate there in spring! Whether you are in Atlanta Georgia, or any other of the southern cities and towns in the USA, here is how to prepare for spring and make sure that your home is as free of these insects as it is possible to be.

The reason we are discussing Atlanta mosquito control is because this Georgia city is built around and between many lakes, rivers and creeks. The Chattahoochee River runs by Fulton, Cobb, and Gwinnett Counties, and is home to literally thousands of communities of mosquitoes of various species. They copy in nevertheless, standing water, and the marshlands and small rivulets associated with this part of the USA offer a perfect ecosystem for the breeding of such insects.

Why Only Female Mosquitoes Bite

The female insects lay many rafts of 100 or more eggs on nevertheless, standing water such as at the edges of rivers and creeks, amongst reeds or in long grass. These eggs can lie over winter if necessary, and hatch come spring. The larvae are good eating for fish, salamanders and other creatures that wander the water’s edge. However, those that survive hatch and then mate, and the females go hunting for blood!

The females need your blood for the protein it contains. This protein is used to create eggs from which more mosquitoes hatch, and so the cycle goes on. Males do not bite you. They have no function other than to copy with the females – then are discarded and quickly die off. No comments please girls!

If your home is in Atlanta, particularly within 1-3 miles of a river, creek, stream, lake or pond, then you will likely be hit by a swarm of these insects come spring. You might already see a few before spring if the weather improves and temperatures rise a bit. In order to prevent your home being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes you should begin to take remedial action the winter before.

Controlling Mosquitoes: Clean Out Your Yard!

November is a good time to think of spring, and the extreme discomfort you, your family and your visitors are likely to suffer once the eggs hatch and the larvae grow to adulthood! Atlanta mosquito control in winter can take two major forms.

The first is to check out your yard and areas around your home for mosquito breeding habitats. These take the form of nevertheless, or ‘standing,’ water. Such water can lie idle in unused pet bowls, bird baths, swimming pools and old fountains where the water is no longer being renewed. Old ponds without fish, roof gutters and drains that have been confined by falling leaves, and tin cans, flower pots and other containers are also possible mosquito magnets.

You must clean out all of these and remove leaves and other debris from your rood guttering, downpipes and drains. That pipe running from your roof gutter to the drain might look OK, but it could also be home to multiple mosquito larvae. When you get attacked in spring, these insects are coming from somewhere – it’s your work to reduce the chances of them being bred in your own yard or already in the storm drains outside your home.

Atlanta Mosquito Control Systems

Because the city suffers the highest number of mosquitoes in the complete USA, the Atlanta mosquito control systems that are commonly used are regarded as among the best in the country. One of the best is the system of pipes and sprinklers that constitute the automatic mosquito control system used by many Atlanta homeowners.

These are fed by canisters of insecticide and automatically spray the surrounding vegetation at set periods. Mosquitoes entering the area will settle on this vegetation and will get no further. Extermination is the best form of control, because the females can no longer lay eggs. This is the best form of mosquito control system. If you set this up during the winter months then you will be doubtful to be attacked in the spring.

Automatic Mosquito Misting Spray

If mosquitoes are allowed into your yard in spring, then they will be sure to find somewhere to procreate. The females will suck your blood for the protein needed for their eggs, lay these eggs and the cycle will continue. By taking steps to prevent this in winter you can prevent the insects from invading your perimeter and laying eggs in spring.

Atlanta mosquito control in winter prevents mosquitoes from making your life a misery in the spring. First, clear your yard and the area around your home from receptacles than can keep up water, and then make sure that the storm drains and gutters in the road outside your home are cleaned out, and finally set up an automatic mosquito misting system to create a mosquito obstacle. Mosquito control is easy if you know how to go about it!

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