Bed Wetting and Enuresis Solutions and Treatments

One treatment is medication prescribed by a doctor to help treat enuresis issues in both adults and children. Your doctor can assign a variety of different drugs to help treat this condition. Some of the medications, such as DDAVP, reduce the amount of urine produced at night.

Also effective for some situations is the use of antidepressants. Certain medications can be the cause of bed wetting and these situations are generally when antidepressants are prescribed. These medications wont help with any psychological or medical conditions, however, only the symptom of bed wetting. The drugs prescribed for bed wetting may have side effects that you will want to be aware of and understand.

You can also help control the problem by following a few simple rules. These rules will help reduce incidents of bed wetting but wont necessarily prevent all of them especially if you have a medical issue that is causing it.

Make sure you go to the bathroom right before bed, whether you feel you have to or not. Avoid drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages at night and avoid all beverages right before bed. Make these things a habit and they can help control the problem in adults and solve it completely in children.

Because people who suffer from enuresis are sometimes more inclined to urinary tract infections and kidney problems, eating cranberries can be a way to treat these issues. While acute infections need medical attention, you can help enhance the health of your bladder and kidneys in the long run by either drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry supplements. While cranberry supplements are not an moment cure for bed wetting, they are a proven way to flush toxins and bacteria out of your system. Strengthening this part of your body can help prevent outbreaks. So if you have frequent bed wetting problems that are rooted in bladder or kidney problems, cranberries can be a helpful treatment.

The way this problem is treated will depend on the age of the person and their medical history. Finding out the cause is important but not necessarily easy to do. This not only makes it easier to treat the problem, it ensures you take care of any serious medical problem. Using the above treatments can help you with any bed wetting issues in spite of of the cause.

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