Best Buy – Free Conference Calling sets

Best Buy – Free Conference Calling sets

You get what you pay for.

There is much truth to this statement. If you buy a used watch on eBay for $10, consider yourself lucky if it comes with a wristband- or hands. If you buy a jalopy for a hundred bucks from a used car salesman named Guido, cross your fingers before you turn that meaningful. And how about that 6-day, 5-night getaway cruise to the Bahamas, for $200? It is probably nothing more than a ferry boat ride and a tour of roach motels. In one sense, you do get what you pay for. But there is also truth in the statement that “the best things in life are free.” Watching a sunset, receiving a compliment, or seeing your firstborn child take her first step are all priceless moments. Free conference calling sets can be one of life’s priceless moments, too.

How It Works

After singing up for free conference calling sets, you get your own conference number. You can use this number for any conference calls within the United States, and sometimes around the world in addition. Companies can provide to offer free conference calling sets because they charge for other sets. Nationwide long distance carriers cover the fees. Sometimes, however, additional charges are required to avail of special sets, such as downloading files or adding more conference participants, the number of which exceeds the maximum presently allowed.

No Free Lunches

These additional charges prove that nothing in life is really free, including “free” lunches. Someone pays for them. Likewise, free conference calling sets are not totally free, and in the long term, traditional conferencing sets could save your company more money. In fact, participants can avail of free conference calling sets by paying the local or long distance charge to access the company’s service computer. The exception is only when the conference organizer pays a small fee per minute per caller, to provide truly toll-free calling service to the caller.

To Free Or Not to Free – That Is the Question!

When choosing a conference calling service, find one that best meets your business’ needs. Factor in such considerations as budget, scope, and size. To begin with, determine if free conference calling sets is what you really need. A “Fortune 500” company that needs audio and web conferencing should go with a non-free conference call service provider. However, free conference calling sets are generally ideal for small to medium-size businesses that can live without the additional sets and features that complete conference calling companies provide. Furthermore, if your company realizes that free conference sets do not include toll-free calls and if they only need audio conferencing, then “free is meaningful.”

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

When considering free conference calling sets, it is wise to look at the features that may be included.

* No waiting and no reservations

* Digital fiber-optic lines

* sustain for Voiceover Internet Protocol, or VOIP, sets

* Use of your conference number at any time and for an unlimited time

* Participant capacity ranging from 100 to more

* MP3 recording for archiving, sharing, and playback

* sustain of any calling device, such as a cellular phone, broadband phone, traditional phone, desktop softphone, and many others

* Unlimited international conference calls using traditional calling tools, or VoIP

* Computers are unnecessary for audio conferencing

Free conference calling sets are not perfect for every company. Neither do they come completely for free. They have their uses, however, and when utilized well, they can prove to be the best deal of the year.

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