Black Magic And The Tourmaline Crystal

This is all about the negative influence of black magic and the positive energy of the tourmaline crystal. Did you know that negative energy is very shared these days? Did you know that spells, hexes, and the evil eye is used often to cause hardship upon others? If you want to know more, then read on!

The sinister purpose of black magic is to slow YOU down, to create challenges and roadblocks, and to drain the life force of the individual. I know! Heavy stuff, but not a pretty scene if you find yourself on the receiving end of the dark energy of a black magician.

The dark side of the occult if complete of psychic attacks, negative energy, and secret rituals. If we find we have some kind of evil occult energy around us what do we do? We fight, that is what!

But fight how? Well, you use positive methods that create GOOD energy and the evil vibrations ultimately melt and disappear. Your first positive weapon of psychic protection is the CRYSTAL tourmaline.
Why this particular crystal stone?

Tourmaline has been used for centuries as protection against psychic attack, spells, and as a defense for negative energy. It is used to mirror hexes and evil curses back to their source. Yes, it acts like a protect of protection. This is how it works.

Every human being has an energy field. I like to call it the aura. The aura is your first defense against any kind of black magician. A healthy energy field around you gives you lots of protection and opportunity. This crystal works by giving the aura a much needed raise when under the stress of psychic attack. Folks have said to me they already feel more energized by simply carrying it in their pocket.

Here are some other uses for this exceptional stone.

It can be used for house clearing. Ghosts, spirits, and weird energies in the home will leave if you have lots of this crystal around. Yes, it is also a ghostbusting stone! It is often used inside of haunted houses and spirit infested locations.

You can place it under the pillow at night before sleep. It keeps nightmares away. It contributes only good dreams. Plus have you ever heard of a toxic work ecosystem? Keep a associate of small stones on the desk near your computer! Just try it and see what happens.

Plus use MORE methods to solve your black magic problem. Methods like eating well for example. Is this too simple for you? Hey, it is a fact ALL negative energy robs you of life force so anything you can do to put it back is going to help you. I would already suggest going so far as to add some organic green superfoods to the eating plan for that something additional.

Water is well known to shamans as a big assist for aura cleansing. Both showers and bathing are good. Fresh air, walks in character, that kind of experience where you are back in character in the natural ecosystem give you a lift.

So how does one stay safe and be protected around black magic? I have already told you, use the tourmaline crystal!

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