Brick Garages Versus Concrete Garages – Which Are the Best?

Brick Garages Versus Concrete Garages – Which Are the Best?

The decision has been made… you want a new garage but how do you decide on what kind of garage to have?

Choosing between concrete and brick garages is a tricky decision as both types have similar characteristics including:

– lasting and stand the test of time

– Strong material

– Attractive finish to enhance the turn up of your home

– Will add value to your character

In addition brick and concrete garages do have their own distinctive strengths and weaknesses.

Brick Garages

Brick Garages have been around for much longer compared to concrete garages and have many advantages including:

– Cheaper to construct

– Quick and simple to install

– Easy to continue

– Stores heat and maintains warmth

– Can prevent noise from entering the building

However there are also several disadvantages to using brick garages including:

– They can add weight to the foundation

– Costly to repair if they ever get damaged

– Difficult to modify once constructed

Concrete Garages

Concrete is the most recent material for garage construction and it has several advantages including:

– Able to resist a variety of compression forces

– Workable and lasting composite material for longevity

– Easy to install

– Can be made to form any shape to suit your needs

– Energy efficient as it will keep the garage at a continued temperature at all times

– Provides excellent protection against fire, extreme weather and noise

– Able to be alternation over time

Concrete garages do have some disadvantages and these include:

– Thy require more care and attention to continue

– Precautions must be undertaken during casting otherwise crack may appear

– Small ground movement could cause damage e.g. fractures

As you can see there are merits for using concrete and also advantages for using brick to construct a new garage.

Concrete Garages and brick garages are both strong and lasting composites but the main consideration to take into account when deciding on which garage to build is what will best suit your personal taste in terms of turn up, budget, usage and the kind of character you live in. consequently before you commit to buying a concrete or brick garage make sure you have discussed your requirements and specific considerations with a trustworthy, experienced and reputable garage manufacturer.

The final thing to mention is that the cost of brick and concrete garages regularly changes, with the price of raw materials regularly moving. If there is a major time lapse between when you acquire a quote to when you make your decision, make sure you re-contact your supplier as the quote may be invalid.

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