BSN Preferred Advancement Degree For a Brighter Nursing Career

Nursing professionals around the world are eyeing the door of opportunities to Americas health care system, for the past years the need for Nurses in America have increased tremendously.  In fact the U.S. Labor Department announced that Nursing will expand as the second rising new job market in America all the way by 2020. Unfortunately there is a bleak thought due to the without of qualified nursing specialized to fill in the gap.

Jumping in on the Nursing bandwagon, it gives those who may be interested various options in selecting educational paths before becoming a registered Nurse. These comprise of Associates Degree in nursing (ADN), a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing (BSN) and a Diploma program is also obtainable. It is also meaningful to discuss the pros and cons of having a BSN degree as your dominant course on your path to a Nursing career.

The labor department indicates that it is popular if you freely take the BSN lane to ensure a sensible career.  It has been a fact that nurses with a BSN has greater chance for career advancement, sighting that highly compensated administrative work in the field of nursing will most likely necessitate a Bachelors Degree. BSN degree is also mandatory if you plan to pursue a graduate nursing program, it is also obligatory if you intend to improvement your career to any of these nursing specialties such as clinical nurse, nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist or a practitioner.

At present already RNs that are already active in their nursing profession are willing to take advantage of a vibrant career obtainable with a BSN degree, RN to BSN in the United States currently offer 600 programs obtainable.

The University of Phoenix which is the largest online university in the nation is frequently the top choice for a respected RN to BSN degree program. This system is perfect for those who are already working but are interested in the numerous rewards of distance learning. This online program is set with actual supervised hands-on clinical responsibilities at leading hospitals and health centers nationwide. Aside from Nursing, the curriculum also offers Anatomy, Microbiology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Psychology and various behavioral studies. Liberal arts complete the offered study courses.

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