Building a Fence Without Digging Post Holes and Pouring Concrete

Building a Fence Without Digging Post Holes and Pouring Concrete

Drivable post sustain anchors are galvanized metal spikes that you excursion into the ground with a sledge hammer or jackhammer in to sustain your fence posts. Once in the ground, the post slides into the keep up in a place and is secured with bolts or glue.

There are many benefits (other than eliminating the digging, of course) to using a drivable keep up in a place:

1) They reduce/eliminate the effects of frost heave – Frost heave happens when the expansion of frozen moisture exerts pressure on your fence posts, ultimately “heaving” them out of the ground, resulting in leaning or already broken fences.

2) They can reduce installation time – With little experience, the installation time for Oz-Post Post sustain Anchors can be reduced to as little as 5 minutes per post.

3) They protect wood posts in the ground – Oz-Post sustain Anchors are designed to allow water to drain by below the level of the wood post, prolonging its useful life.

4) They can cut by tree roots, small rocks, and asphalt (if you use a jackhammer) – When your digging a hole the old fashioned way, you never know if you’re going to hit a rock or a network of tree roots, forcing you to remove the obstruction before continuing. When using a drivable keep up in a place with a jackhammer, most in-ground obstacles are easy to slice by or push around.

*Always contact your One Call Center to locate utility lines before digging on your character. Dialing 811 will route you to your local One Call center.

sustain anchors are obtainable for a wide variety of fence post types and sizes including: vinyl, treated wood, cedar, aluminum, and chain link. already more than that, a drivable post keep up in a place can be used on mailbox posts, sign posts, and deck posts, since nearly all projects use standard sized posts (ie. 4×4, 4×6, etc.).

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