Can I Be a Healer Too?

This is a question many people ask themselves. Over the years they see a doctor work wonders with a stethoscope and a few pills. Someone tells a friend about the time they thought their own headache away. Another person tells the story of when they were at a rock concert, and during an interval they happened upon a psychic healer who charged £5 for a mini-session. An emotional block they had suffered from since childhood was removed and bothers them no more. To many these abilities seem out of reach. You either have to study hard for many years, or you are a born natural who has other-worldly abilities. Of course there is the third opinion that prevails in addition; anything non-medical is a psychological scam or placebo.

The short and genuine answer to the title of this article though, is yes!

In fact all of us are healers already. It is so shared and run of the mill that people just dont realize what a great gift we all have and use each day. The comforting arm when someone is in distress, the gentle touch of a mother on the bruise her child has acquired, or the soothing words of a friend. These are all forms of healing and are all just as special as any abilities a doctor or nurse has, or your local spiritual healer.

Healing comes from loving concern. It radiates naturally when someone sympathizes with another persons plight. It cares not for the beliefs or prejudices of either the giver or receiver. Some people have an ability to radiate this energy on an almost perpetual basis. They glow with health, happiness and vitality. People are enlivened by their presence in the room and often find themselves hanging on their every information. These are the naturals, they need no guidance or training to be a healer, it just happens; and they already know what to do, when, and how to do it. In fact they sometimes dont already need to do anything at all, healing can occur just by being in their presence.

But what about you, me and Joe Blogs?

For the rest of us a little help is often in order. Society tends to insist that we all conform, our eccentricities are squashed, our uniqueness is covered up and we are told from a very early age that to be different is bad. What will the neighbors think?

This stops many children from asking important questions, and because parents were brought up the same way, the parents wouldnt know the answers anyway. We are in a catch 22 situation here because individuality has been drummed out of us for so long that we have forgotten what it is like and how to nurture it. This is why you, me and Joe Blogs need some help. It can be daunting enough for many to try a new different therapy because it sounds a little wacky, just think how daunting it can be for someone to consider the fact that they could truly be an different therapist too?

Well they can… Its easy.

In the west there are hang-ups regarding the fact that some different therapies can be passed on and learned within a matter of days. This is because the education system expects people who have qualifications in a certain unprotected to gain them only after years of study. How can someone be a Reiki Practitioner after only two days?

Reiki, and some other therapies, rely on an attunement course of action or lauching ceremony. The Reiki Master performs certain actions on the recipient that opens already existing energy pathways within the aura, or electromagnetic field, of the recipient. Aside from a few other finer details which are not appropriate to pass on here, all that is happening is that the natural ability for a human to channel therapeutic healing energies is being given back to the recipient, and amplified slightly. If humanity allowed this sort of knowledge to be passed on and practiced from childhood then no-one would need to ask for the sets of a Master. We would all be progressive, natural healers.

The fact that someone can become a healer in two or three days is one thing, but what about the knowledge of how to heal the thousands of different conditions a practitioner may come across in their lifetime? This is where another perfectly natural, but suppressed, ability comes in to play. Intuition! This is one of the most neglected senses that man possesses. We have all heard of female intuition, and it seems to be true that women have a naturally more developed intuitive sense than men, but every human has it, it just isnt used or trusted enough.

Its a bit like swimming. You learn how to do it as a child, then forget to go to the local baths for 30 years. Suddenly your midlife crisis hits home and you get the fitness bug. Off to the swimming baths you go, diving straight in and swimming a length without thinking about it. You never forget how to swim, and your intuition never forgets how to work. You just need to remember how to recognize it and learn to trust it.

It is intuition, and learning to trust it, that transforms a newly fledged therapist into a good therapist. Any therapy will have its basic procedures and catch-all methods. If you really dont know what to do in a certain situation then do this, that and the other… (lets confront facts, doctors do this too – oh you have a bug of some kind. Take two of these and see how you get on.) But as time goes by, and the therapist gains experience, those catch-alls will be used less and less. Intuition will take over, prove itself worthy and allow the therapist to gain confidence.

With a therapy such as Reiki, treatment plans can be quite logical. If your back hurts then treat the back, if you cut your leg then treat the cut. However intuition can cut in, sometimes without the therapist knowing why, and cause treatment to be given to other areas that seem unrelated. Often, upon questioning, the patient will remember an old wound or accident that ends up explaining why the practitioner felt the need to move his or her hands from the cut on the knee down to the big toe for a while. There are other areas that come into play with a Reiki or other energy healing session too. The aura needs healing just as much as the physical body. It could be that the aura is damaged or out of balance. This can be felt by the therapist in a lot of situations and treatment given directly to the affected area, but intuition can also tell the therapist to move away from the initial treatment area as an affected area of the aura may need attending to so that the physical problem can be healed more quickly.

All this comes with practice, and the beauty of Reiki in particular is that you can practice on yourself. The more you practice, the more you learn about energy manipulation, and the more Reiki truly teaches you. If I could, I would attune everyone, its a wonderful experience and an amazing eye opener, not to mention a really handy pain killer to have on tap when you over do it in the garden.

So; yes, everyone can be a healer, because you already are. You may just need a little help to become proficient.

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