Choosing the Right Air Conditioner Contractor

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner Contractor

Many people, especially those who live in extremely hot climates and those who have breathing trouble in hot weather, need air conditioning and when it is not working they need to call in someone to repair it. You may also need someone to install your new air conditioner. For either of these two situations you need to hire a specialized air conditioner contractor. These professionals should be experienced, licensed, certified, and insured should something go wrong during installation or repair.

One way to find a specialized air conditioner contractor is to talk to your family and friends to see whom they use. Your neighbors may also be able to give you the company they used. If they have a website check out what sets they offer, any customer reviews, and their “about” or “company” page to learn more about the company.

Do not just pick one air conditioner contractor but contact at the minimum two or three. Have a list of questions ready before you call and make notes of their answers. Some of the questions you should ask include:

• Do they offer free estimates and if not what do they charge for an calculate?

• What they charge per hour and if they charge a mileage fee for coming to your home.

• Are they bonded, certified, and insured?

• How much experience do their air conditioner contractors have

• How long the company has been in business

• What kind of warranty do they offer on the parts used to repair the air conditioner and any other warranty they might offer

• Do they offer twenty-four service in case of an emergency and if so what the charge is for emergency calls

• Do they do a background check on their employees

• Do they offer Energy Star products

• Do they have any references or former clients that you can contact to check out their reputation and what they say about their service

When the company comes to your home to give you an calculate ask to see proof of the company being insured and certified because they can say it but it may not be true, especially if it is a company that you got from your local newspaper or telephone book. You should also inquire as to what kind of payments they accept and if they offer contracts for monthly payments. You can always check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any negative reports that do not appear on their website on the company you are considering hiring to do the repairs or installation. Asking these types of questions will help you chose the right air conditioner contractor.

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