Coating Options For Postcard Printing

Coating Options For Postcard Printing

You may have noticed different effects when light reflects on various paper surfaces. Some have a light sheen, some intense and others dull. Others nevertheless look plain. This is because certain substances are applied to them, or they could have been placed under various treatments to enhance their physical features. These are called coatings, and they come with different similarities to give printouts a more alluring look. Coated paper can be used for postcard printing.

Coatings may be utilized for different reasons truly. For some, it is for the smooth finish it gives the paper while others opt for it because of the protection it provides the prints from water and fade. Choice of coating depends on the effect you want, in addition as the budget you have and the paper you are using.

Coatings for postcard printing

Postcards are commonly printed on strong card stock materials. These thick sheets can keep up shared coating options made obtainable by paper companies. Included in the coatings are aqueous solutions, varnish and ultraviolet (UV) coatings. Here is a closer look at the said coating types:

1. Varnish

Varnish, like that which is used for wood, is applied to the surface of paper to provide gloss. It also protects the prints from dust and water although it does not give the same quality of protection as other coatings such as aqueous solution. Varnish, however, costs less.

It can also be used a method to highlight a specific component in a design by adding sheen to certain parts of an image. Another use of varnish is giving a tinted translucent gloss which is achieved by mixing it with colors.

2. Aqueous solution

In the case of aqueous solutions, they give a important extent of protection to papers and print from dust, scratch and water. It offers more gloss to paper than varnish but not as much as UV cured coats. This coating is also obtainable in matte which, in turn, gives off a flat satin finish for a subdued effect.

Aside from higher cost, aqueous solutions have the disadvantage of imprinting limitations. There are also pens that cannot write on the coated paper.

If paper coated with this solution is exposed to very high temperatures, there is a risk that the sheets would stick to each other.

3. UV coating

UV coating is done by exposing the coated paper to ultraviolet light, a course of action called curing.

This gives out the most intense sheen among the three. So intense that once the UV coated paper is placed directly below light, the light is reflected and the printed image cannot be seen. However, when they are moderately lit, printed images look very vibrant. It also offers the most protection. It makes the print resistant to fade and water, in addition as scratches.

Like aqueous solutions, UV coating does not allow imprinting and pen markings on the coated surface.

Contact your printer to inquire about your coating options for printing and ask for samples so you can have a guide for your future postcard printing projects.

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