Colon Cleansing – Quick Exit Food Strategy For Keeping Your Colon Heal…


10 day colon cleansing practices such as the master cleanse lemonade diet are an excellent way to thoroughly cleanse out your colon. Following this cleansing method, you will be feeling 10 pounds lighter, complete of life and vigor reminding you of what it was like to be 20 years old again. Why does this feeling of youth only last for a associate of months at best? Probably the same reason that your colon clogged up to begin with.

Looking at the traditional diet, many foods turn into matter that ends up clogging your system due to the food combinations and the time it takes for these foods to be digested. Eating three square meals a day and eliminating once a day or less, does not make for a very balanced math equation. Logically, eating 3 meals a day should be equivalent at the minimum to 3 eliminations. What happens to the other two meals along the way? The rest of the food left behind ends up sticking to the walls of the intestine.without you realizing, this food ferments and dries up into a rubbery substance that will never leave your body. As time goes by, the natural bowel movements become virtually nonexistent and the time of action of elimination becomes a pure physical course of action of food forced in and the waste forced out.

The following foods literally turn to glue following their consumption. All forms of bread except the ones made from naturally sprouted grains. Fully cooked vegetables, rice, potatoes and pasta are all major contributors to the clogging course of action. All meats especially red meat does not turn to glue, but takes so long to digest that it slightly ends up decaying in the colon overtime.

There are basically two rules which define the quick exit food strategy. First you need to find foods that are easy to digest and move out of the system quickly. The second part of the strategy is to not combine the types of foods that when mixed together, slow down the digestive system by two or three fold. Remember that foods which take a long time to digest require your vital energy and resources to breaking down the meals instead of helping your body to revive and cleanse.

Certain foods, when combined together such as a tomato on a piece of toast requires only 3 to 4 hours in the stomach for digestion. The same piece of toast combined with an egg can take upward of eight hours just in the stomach alone, not including the time to pass by digestive tract. Think about eating three meals a day that take eight hours to digest, another math equation that does not quite add up. After years of accumulating intestinal trash, it is no surprise that the body ends up with poor digestion, a major contributor and wrote all illnesses and circulatory problems.

Some benefits of eating quick exit combination of foods will help you lose weight and relieve digestive problems such as acid reflux, gassiness, constipation and so much more. if you are not up to completely changing your diet, at the minimum try not to combine these four categories of foods.

Starches: these include breads, rice, potatoes, avocados, legumes(lentils, cooked peas) cooked corn, young coconut and Pasta Fleshes: fish, eggs, chicken, meat (beef, lamb, pork) game, shellfish and raw cheese, Nuts/Seeds/Dried Fruits: these are fat proteins such as raw nuts, raw seeds, Raw dried fruits mature coconut. Fresh fruits: citrus, bananas, plums, nectarines, grapes, berries, and other fruits.

Remember that each individual has a digestive system that roles a little differently. If your stomach is gas free and, after a given combination you continue to lose weight, then the combination is good for you. This approach was meant to keep your system cleansed following a colon cleansing course of action. If you have not taken the time to go by a colon cleansing course of action, it could take years for your body to eliminate excess waste.

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