Come This November

When November comes there will be a chill in the air. And, for many will be faced with another harsh and banned winter. It is as though the US and the world has turned its back on the nevertheless experiencing multitudes that await the unforgiving reality of each and every day. For one Thomas OMally an Irish immigrant who came to the United States in 86 has seen his fortunes rise and fall within the past 30 years.

Ever since 9/11 Thomas has seen the United States morph into an unrecognizable bureaucracy mature with corruption, greed, and outright contempt for the shared citizen. As a student of history OMally has known of nations who have risen out of the ashes of war like a Phoenix reaching to great heights of wealth only to fall victim to corruption greed, and apathy of not only its citizens but government itself. The United States today is another example of nations that rise only to fall.

With a heavy heart and a tear in his eye Thomas laments he is saddened to see the United States falling into the same category of nations that have withered and died by not heeding the lessons of what history is supposed to teach. Recently retired while many of his former coworkers have been laid off since April with little or no chance of ever getting another paycheck nevertheless Thomas is one of the fortunate few who are in good health and have a sizable bank account.

at all event hope lies in the days ahead to avoid repeating history of nations fall now rest come this November. With over half of the population that are living in dire straits long before this health crisis hit the policies of government have only exasperated those deteriorating conditions millions of Americans confront each day. Now, when you add the bungling efforts of the present Administration during this pandemic has not only put the United States in basic condition but have abundant the complete world.

The strength of our character used to lie with our leaders, Sadly though after years of self serving bureaucratic rule have undermined the very chief of our nation. This writer is appalled at the without of empathy shown by many members of Congress and this Administration. In the time of action thousands have died. No remorse, only neglect. The American public continue to fall victim to a self perpetuating oligarchy rule that cares not for the welfare of millions.

As for Thomas OMally he is fully aware of what is at stake come this November. however, he remains pessimistic about the future. He questions the political course of action that for years has been filled with corruption, fraud and deceit. Will this time be any different? Thomas realizes that drastic reforms must be undertaken to preserve not only Americas heritage but to obtain a healthy, thriving and obtain future for All Americans. Come this November has to be the beginning of our future or will it be the beginning of our fall?

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