Compact, Noise Free and Super Efficiency – Mini divided Ceiling Cassette

Compact, Noise Free and Super Efficiency – Mini divided Ceiling Cassette

What is a Mini divided ceiling cassette?

The Ceiling Cassette is a solo room, ceiling dug-in unit that presents a wide air flow outline for already circulation. These units can be used in a single room heat pump or multi-zone system.


They are obtainable in

75 tonne to 4 tonne

Cooling BTU of 10000 to over 30000

Heating BTU of 10000 to over 30000

SEER of 13 to 22

in addition as features like hyper-heating, energy star and low ambient operation

1. Mitsubishi Mini divided ceiling cassette

They present a general air-flow pattern for better air circulation in a less flashy style. They have indoor units which can be used in 1:1 heat pump in addition as multi-zone systems giving more options to their customers. You can establish their units in a substantial ceiling or in a 2×2 additional space drop ceiling. They have 4 ventilation air intake sensation options in addition as numerous options for the 1:1 systems. Most of their 1:1 systems are energy star competent. However, a thermostat is needed for operation. The thermostats are sold separately.

2. Samsung ceiling cassette

It is obtainable in compact size. It has a lightweight body which permits it to be fixed in a standard 24-inch ceiling tile. Their ceiling cassette is also the perfect multi-zone air conditioning arrangement for residential in addition as light commercial fittings.

3. LG ceiling cassettes

LG presents this in 18,000, to 42,000 BTU capabilities. It interior units are generally duct-free divided heat pump units providing relief in large, open spaces. The series is called HV and HV4. Their duct-free unit installation has an immensely pleasing indoor unit plan. Their 4-way guarded louvres and fan speed roles permit for fair air dispensing. The controls are easy and have included wireless in addition as wired wall-mounted controller.

4. Pioneer Ceiling Cassette

Another brand is Pioneer. Their mini divided inverter ductless air conditioning and heating system are both ultra quiet and offers superior competence. It serves as a perfect apparatus for solo or multi-room application, by method of a single piece of a ductless interior unit. The major advantage is its excellent quiet operation. Their latest design is powered potent and reliable performance offering immense energy efficiency. Their kit generally includes a simple installation kit, with various other accessories.

The advantage of installing the ceiling cassette

It combine like a dream into any decoration.

They provide the facility of cooling or heating with noticeable competence and negligible noise levels.

This system provides energy savings. You can enjoy good sleep with lesser energy consumption in comparison to a system with a standard cooling mode.

The system provides a pleasant skin temperature. The skin feels comfortable all by the night with accurate temperature control.

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