Coveralls From Dupont, Kimberly-Clark and More

Disposable coveralls are used in a variety of industries, with the dominant purpose of keeping people safe and protected from various types of fluids, dirt, bacteria and already flames. These coveralls of course, are not as lasting and long-lasting as reusable ones, but they are usually more lightweight and breathable. These coveralls need to be flexible, washable and strong though, in addition at the same time, affordable enough to be disposed of. There are a variety of coveralls of this kind to choose from different makes. In selecting a particular coverall, it is important to consider the purpose for which it could be used, as there are coveralls that are made especially for a specific purpose. for example, one coverall may be particularly water repellant, while another withstands sparks from flames, or one coverall is specifically used for laboratory-related activities, while another is better used for sanitation activities like garbage collection or biohazard control.

Dupont offers different types of coveralls. For the disposable ones, the blue Tempro has an attached hood, and also has elastics on ankles, wrists and confront that helps make it a perfect fit. chiefly used as a protective garment for inherently fire repellant gear and clothing, this coverall is made of non-woven wood-pulp, a fabric which is considered to be fire retardant and at the same time, fluid repellant. This coverall costs less than $9. However, there is a more affordable version of this coverall which costs only about $6. This one does not have elastics though, and instead of a hood, it features only a collared neck.

If you are really looking for a low-priced disposable coverall that you can use every time you go to work, you can also check out Radnor Standard Coveralls that include an attach hood and boots to cover your footwear. Like most coveralls, it has a front zipper closure, and its fabric is soft and cool. However, it is not resistant to flame or liquids; it could only protect you from dry particulate substances. At less than $2, however, it is quite ideal for use in non-heavy duty types of activities where you need to protect yourself from dirt.

Disposable coveralls from Kimberly-Clark are also worth mentioning as their coveralls are varied and reasonably priced. It has coveralls similar to the ones by Dupont and Radnor, but aside from that it also has this Kleenguard A60 chemical laboratory coat, which features a break closure and three-inner fabric that helps the wearer have a cool feeling and at the same time protect him from dry and liquid matter. The coat costs less than $9, and comes in only two sizes: medium and large.

So whether you work in a sanitation facility, coal mine, refinery, laboratory, pest control, automotive company or oil or chemical business, remember to be smart and functional when it comes to choosing your disposable coveralls. Know all your obtainable choices and determine your priorities. Function, quality and price work hand in hand, but keep in mind that your health, safety and efficiency are the topmost priorities in choosing your coverall.

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