Creed The Bass Player’s Best Observations From The Office Sitcom

Since the show aired its final episode nearly five years ago, both the actor and his fictional character have reunited with his old band. The group in fact just played most of their typical hits at a local venue, where many in the crowd were much younger than one would expect for a band that last had a Top Forty song almost fifty years ago.

Many of the milennials, I presume, had attended chiefly to see the bass player, who is known to them as Creed. He became a familiar confront while starring in The Office, a sitcom that ran for the first decade of this century.

Although the role was minor, Creed Bratton had some of the most noticable scenes during the shows run. consequently, the younger folks at that concert may not have been familiar with the Grass Roots hits like Two Divided By Love or Midnight Confessions or Sooner or Later, but most of them would very likely recognize these bits of dialogue from the man whose exact job in the office will forever keep a bit of a mystery.

Here are six of my favorite credos Of Creed, the unsung star in The Office.

Yum, smells like somebodys making soup

Bratton uttered this remark after entering the work area where everyone had been nauseated by the malodorous surprise best friend Todd Packer had left on the floor for regional manager Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell).

Hes not carrying a wallet, I already checked

This observation came while sales agent Dwight Shrute (played by Rainn Wilson) was practicing CPR on a dummy, wondering aloud if the form was an organ donor.

This airs tonight? If my parents see this, I am toast

A.A.R.M. is the title of an episode from the last season, where Jim convinces Dwight that he needs to have an assistant to the assistant regional manager.

I run a small fake I.D. machine from my car with a laminating machine I swiped from the sheriffs office

While the employees are reaching out to the youth of Scranton, a horde of teenagers seem to be very familiar with Creed for the reason he discloses in the above quote.

Just go right up and kiss her. Have I ever stood you wrong, Jim?

It would not have been good advice anyway, but here Creed is truly offering it to Andy and not Jim.

You ever notice you can only ooze two things, sexuality and pus

No one could ever clearly explain what led Creed to utter this observation, nor would most of us really want to find out.

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