Daniel Craig James Bond Workout – The 3 Phase Muscle Building Program

For his second movie— the Daniel Craig James Bond workout had a few minor changes.

In this article I will give you the details on his training program and I will go already further and provide you with a 3 phase diet program is designed to get you rock hard muscular and lean!

Daniel Craig who is now the sixth actor to play James Bond 007, has in a very short time stolen the crown of — Best James Bond.

His first film… Casino Royale, grossed $593 million worldwide and according to magazines in the UK — hes the highest-paid actor in Great Britain.

While Im sure that his acting skills have played a big part in his stealing the crown, it is apparent to anyone that has watched his first James Bond movie… That he brought a new body to the screen.

While Roger Moore and Sean Connery brought class and distinction to the James Bond character— Daniel Craig brought an edginess– a muscular and ripped the body that left the women in the audience drooling. And so the need for a Daniel Craig James Bond workout

Perhaps its this new exterior that James Bond is portraying on film (at last the film version is more closely equaled with the actual book written by Ian Fleming) that has given Daniel Craig in the latest James Bond movie — Quantum of Solace… eight stitches in his confront and a dislocated shoulder.

With all these injuries its certain that Daniel Craig may need to continue staying in shape for this role.

For this film the Daniel Craig James Bond workout focused more on cardiovascular training and less on muscular size. — the workload was greater in Quantum of Solace than in his past film.

This time around the Daniel Craig James Bond workout lasted only 45 minutes — five days per week. Of course, his diet consisted of high protein and low carbs. Typically they would follow this ratio — 50% protein — 30% carbohydrates — 20% fats.

In a proper muscle building guide program — where the main goal is to put on as much muscle as possible while maintaining low levels of body fat… you are better off to do it over 13 weeks.

In other words you would have three phases. (This is very similar to the P90X nutrition program)

Phase 1:

In this phase of the Daniel Craig James Bond workout — you would consume 50% of your calories from a high protein source — 30% from complicate carbohydrates and 20% from unsaturated fats.

(To determine how many calories you should consume there is a very simple formula to follow. More about this in a minute.)

Phase 2:

To get ripped and muscular as in the Daniel Craig James Bond workout in this phase — you would need to modify your ratios we would switch to 40% of your calories from a high protein source — 40% from complicate carbohydrates — 20% from unsaturated fats. In this phase we would be more aggressive in our resistance training workout.

Thats the reason for an increase in carbohydrates–so we will have plenty of energy to use more weight or resistance than in phase 1.

Phase 3:

By the way since I forgot to mention… Each phase lasts for four weeks with the fifth week being a recovery period. On this week you will do no resistance training whatsoever but would continue doing cardio 5 times a week.

The third phase has to be earned — in fact if you have more body fat you should continue with the phase 1 ratios and not go to the phase 2 or three ratios. The Daniel Craig James Bond workout final phase should be make up of consistently a ratio of 20% from protein — 60% carbohydrates — and finally 20% from unsaturated fats.

While training and bodybuilding are important in the long run it is your diet that will determine how muscular and ripped you look. During the 90 days– try to use as much resistance as possible while employing proper form in all your exercises.

If you do this you too will have a James Bond body!

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