Dealing With Low Vibration Entities at Age Five

When I was five, I started having strange experiences of being tormented by low vibration entities. I would “see” blobs of dark energy that radiated feelings of anger and fear. I would feel them before I already entered a room. Sometimes shapes would be inhabited by a seemingly dark presence. One time a school uniform hung up on the closet door seemed alive and I was so terrified I couldn’t move.

Strange events occurred that I nevertheless can’t explain. I remember going into my mother’s room one night and looking at her class wine cask that had long-held all her lose change. I felt forced to turn the spigot and water poured out into my hand! I thought I must be imagining it so I went into the bathroom and turned on the light and my hand was indeed wet. I ran my fingers over it. I could truly feel it! I knew this to be impossible because the wine cask was old and had been bone-dry before my mother put any coins into it. There was no water in it at all and the next day when I looked at in the light, it was nevertheless bone dry!

An already more unexplainable incident occurred when I was lying on the floor by my bedroom door. I saw my mother come out of the kitchen and go into the open bathroom and shut the door. I sat there watching and a minute later my mother came from the kitchen and walked past the nevertheless-closed bathroom door into her bedroom and shut the door. I was terrified!

These incidents were completely unexplainable but instilled a sense of terror in me. And there were much worse happenings. I would see teddy produces turn their heads to look at me and grow fangs at night. I would see burned people walking towards me coming from my mother’s closet. I lived in a continued state of terror.

In investigating situations like this over the years I’ve come to learn that many people have similar experiences and the more profound experiences are usually had by people with some psychic ability. This is why children almost without exception fear the dark and have experiences like this. Very few adults continue to experience these things but those that do generally seem to have clairvoyant abilities. I had these experiences all my life.

One of the amazing things I’ve learned from being tormented by entities is that we have strength over them. This is a secret they don’t want us to know. This is one of the reasons they torment us as children. If they can rule us in beginning, they can subjugate us for life. These beings satisfy off emotions of fear and anger. If we are tormented as children, when we are at our most unprotected, we are raised to think that they are more powerful. This is just not the case. In my experience we can take back our strength.

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