Diet or Exercise? Which is Right For You

For some people there is only exercise, and for others there is only diet that seems to work for them. In both situations if you have the proper mental attitude and follow a dedicated regimen both can be successful. In situations where people by medical reasons or physical disabilities are unable to commit to an exercise program, diet is a good different to continue ones weight and well being.

There are many diets out there that make claims to fame but it is important to do research before undertaking a emotional change in what you are currently doing. There are many ways to enhance your diet and following prescribed diet plans on the internet or by books by qualified dieticians is one of them. Just search the internet, visit your favorite book store and there will be a large number of books on the topic, or go to your library.

If you are able to participate in some kind of exercise program it is basic that you also look at your diet. already highly tuned athletes are on special diets to help them unprotected to their results. Goals whether you are exercising or dieting are important and you must set realistic ones that are attainable so you do not to falter. Diet also requires you to eat the right foods to continue certain levels of minerals in your body and there are supplements obtainable in addition, consult with your pharmacist to acquire these.

So what is right for you? The answer is in any case you are comfortable with, but which you will be able to see results from in a comparatively short period of time be it diet or exercise or both. As for exercise sometimes injury or other ailments prevent you from high impact kind activities, and if this is the case swimming is one of the best exercises obtainable with little impact on your joints and you can get a great workout elevating your heart rate and burning fat. There are also water aerobic classes in pools designed for this that are excellent.

It should be noted that in any exercise program you can cut down the duration of participation as long as you continue a higher heart rate for shorter periods which will optimize your body’s ability to burn calories. Most modern fitness facilities have equipment that allows you to see your heart rate and there is usually a chart telling you optimum levels for your age group. Just doing an exercise and not increasing your cardio vascular output will not meet your goals. It is up to you to decide what exercise program you will follow such as aerobics, running, swimming or weight lifting for example.

Once you decide if an exercise or diet program or both is best for you, a goal or set of goals are needed to be written out so that you can follow your progress. The goal may be to reach a certain level of fitness or a desired weight gain or loss in a specific time period. Remember when you pick out your goal visualize what you want to look like or unprotected to when you reach it.

The most important thing you need to do once you make your selection is be able to meet your goals. They should be made up of obtainable mini steps along the path to unprotected to your ultimate goal. As I said it is important to visualize what you will look like when you acquire your desired outcome. For men it might be feeling comfortable in some old pants and for ladies it could be dropping a dress size, either way you will know personally when you are closing in or have reached milestones related to your goal. Your whole makeup both physically and mentally will change when you reach it.

I keep mentioning visualization because it is important to see in your own mind what you will look like or feel like when your goal is reached. It gives you motivation and the strength when working on your final outcome. You may want to characterize some kind of picture related to what your desired outcome is at your work desk or in a bedroom at home to give you additional motive.

Finally set your goals, believe, take action applicable to you, and your desired results will happen.

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