Disadvantages of Not Brushing Your Hair Regularly

Disadvantages of Not Brushing Your Hair Regularly

The problems of forgetting regular hair brushing, allowing your hair to become tangled is much worse than just the pain of deknotting it. When you allow your hair, particularly if it is long, to become tangled you are damaging it far more than you realise. There is the obvious pain of detangling it, and then all the breakages that this will cause, especially if you have to brush it wet, but you weaken your hair so much. It causes divided end and frizzy, ineffective, dull looking hair and then you will have to use hundreds of pounds buying hair products and hair masks just to get it back to looking ok.

The damage vigorous brushing does is extremely under rated. If you want to have nice, shiny healthy hair you have to make sure it doesn’t knot. This is much easier than the hours most of us use styling our hair. Simply use good conditioner and brush every night before you go to bed, if you are particularly inclined to tangles tie your hair up when you sleep. There are various products out on the market, sprays mists and conditioners that are particularly designed to stop tangling, and that’s what you want, to stop it. Not just fix it when it becomes to knotty but prevent it from happening in the first place!

Doing this will keep your hair healthy, stop breakages and make it more shiny. Just like skin good looking hair really is healthy hair! SO remember brush your teeth AND your hair before you go to bed.

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