Divine Timing in Soulmate Relationships

Soulmates and Divine Timing

Divine timing indicates that something is going to happen according to a divine plan. When we use the information divine timing in your psychic soulmate reading, it indicates there is a greater purpose at work in your life here that is coming from the Universe or the Divine. Also please remember that a soulmate does not always have to be a romantic life partner, it can be a family member or friend, but for purposes of this posting I am limiting it to romantic soulmates. So many times people have called asking when they will meet their soulmate. Likewise they have called when they are having problems with their soulmate wanting to know when the problems will be resolved so the relationship can get back on track. They want to know when they may be reunited if they are currently divided, separated or broken-up from a soulmate relationship. Many times the answer really involves divine timing, on Gods time clock.

Living in a linear world we all need to know when we need to do things and when things will happen. We need to know to get up at 7 AM, eat lunch at noon, go to the gym at 6 PM, watch the evening news at 10 PM and so on. That is because we need time to keep us all on track and moving forward in time and space together. In the Spiritual vicinity, however, there is no time or space. It does not exist and it all works in the divine timing of the Universe. Everything is now and happens all at once. The Universe people, our angels, guides..at all event you want to call them.. give us linear time so can function in the world.

So how do we answer timing questions concerning soulmates? The real answer is… when he or she has learned the life lesson pertaining to…. xyz, or at all event the lesson is they are learning before the two of you can find each other or be reunited. It is all about Diving Timing and the timing of God, Goddess and the Universe. Your own personal desperation and need will not make things work faster either, because you also probably have a life lesson or two that must be faced before you can come together. That should be your focus right now. You want to meet your soulmate, then focus on yourself. You want to resolve issues in a current soulmate relationship, then work on yourself. When you focus on yourself time will move forward to prepare the opening for the soulmate to appear or re-appear. When you have done that the divine timing of the Universe will allow things in your relationship to begin to get back on track.

If, during this lifetime, you are destined to meet your romantic soulmate, you will meet them. already if you try to avoid meeting them, if it is truly a soulmate meeting that provides valuable life lessons, experiences and spiritual growth, you can run from it but you can not hide. You will meet. It just requires patience on your part for the events to unfold as they should. So the best advice I can give on this is to be prepared and be ready, because it will usually come sooner than you think.

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