Divining your Number of Destiny

Divining your Number of Destiny

Your Destiny Number, which describes all of the talents and potentials that are at your disposal in this lifetime, is calculated from the letters that compose your complete birth name. This is not your married name, but rather the name that is found written in complete on your birth certificate. If your name is misspelled on your birth certificate, use that to configure your destiny number.

The interpretations of your Destiny Number below are an indication of the things that you need to live up to or accomplish in this lifetime. Unlike the Life path Number, which is more about your limitations due to your ancestry or physicality, this calculation offers you a glimpse of what opportunities should be obtainable to you as you travel the Life Path. The value of your Destiny Number is that it shows you what you are truly capable of or what you should look for when it comes to realizing your highest possible.

To calculate your Destiny number treat each of your names separately and add up the values according to the conversion chart below.

A J S 1— B K T 2— C L U 3— D M V 4— E N W 5— F O X 6— G P Y 7— H Q Z 8— I R 9

for example if your name is Britney Jean Spears your numbers would add up and reduce to

Britney 2+9+9+2+5+5+7 = 39

3+9 = 11


Jean 1+5+1+5 = 12

1+2 = 3

Spears 1+7+5+1+9+1 = 24

2+4 = 6

You would then add up the three sums that represent each of the three names. In Britney Spear’s case, the equation is:

2+3+6 = 11

All double digits are reduced to a single number by adding them together. Britney is a master number 11. However for the purposes of the destiny reading her double-digit number would also be reduced to:

1+1 = 2.

As Britney is both an 11 and a 2, she would read both interpretations as outlined below.


Destiny Number 1

A 1’s talents include originality, creativity and the ability to set afloat plans into motion. They have the possible to become very thriving as a consequence of applying these skills. Socially or professionally, a number 1 is the person that makes “things happen.”

Number 1’s are also great business people and entrepreneurs. This is because of their prodigious goal and determination. Their strong confidence and self-reliance allows them to forge business relationships that last a lifetime.

Sometimes they suffer from impatience, as they fear being left behind either socially or professionally. They may also act too hastily because they are afraid of being left out of the loop.

This is an aggressive number and often its possible is truncated by over assertiveness and a inclination to rule conversations. A 1’s best route to success is to learn how to be patient and tolerant of other people’s ideas.

Destiny Number 2

Number 2’s are mediators and peacemakers. They seem to function best in a group. Usually it is a number 2 who is the strength behind the throne.

A 2’s strengths lie in the ability to pull strings behind the scenes. Number 2’s usually land in high paying jobs as facilitators and team leaders. They are often untouchable in corporate situations because they are so valuable to the head of the outfit.

Their courtesy and diplomacy usually earns them many friends. It is usually a number 2 who wins popularity contests, much to his or her humble surprise. 2’s are also very modest and willing to credit others for his or her success.

Some number 2s can be a bit shy and a bit too eager to please. The meaningful to a 2’s success is to not let others take advantage of them. If anything, number 2’s are so generous, few of them bother to stand up for themselves in an unjust situation. However, they make so many friends, usually they are saved by an individual eager to return one of the number 2’s many favors.

Destiny Number 3

Those born with Number 3 as their destiny number excel at all persuasive talents. These include writing, speaking, singing, acting, litigating, and teaching selling, designing and composing music.

3’s excel at selling themselves. Number 3’s often photograph well and usually have beautiful voices.

One often-unexploited talent of a number 3 is their natural ability to uplift others with their words and ideas. Their true purpose in life is to inspire and motivate others with their wonderful sense of faith and optimism.

Sometimes Number 3s have a inclination to be shallow or shallow. To be successful they need to resist a temptation to gossip about others or create unnecessary dramas. Often they do this because they are bored. They are best to save their emotional talents for the stage, podium or silver screen.

Destiny Number 4

Number 4s thrive best in a corporate ecosystem. Their rare skills are administration, project management and all kinds of organization. They are highly methodic by character and respected for their willingness to work long hours to get a project done.

Number 4’salso make excellent surgeons, architects, engineers, musicians and teachers. They work well with their hands and have an innate understanding of structure, design and rhythm.

Unfortunately, Number 4s rarely get anything handed to them on a silver platter, but the universe does amply reward them for their efforts. Hard work and determination are the keys to a number 4’s success, no matter what their circumstances.

A block to wealth that sometimes manifests with number 4’s is a inclination to be too stiff or dogmatic in their thinking. They are black and white thinkers with strong likes and dislikes. When it comes to making the most of what you are born with, 4’s do best when they consider the “gray areas” and cultivate tolerance, patience and acceptance.

Destiny Number 5

Versatile number 5’s are usually born with many talents and abilities. They often awe others with their competence in all areas of life. These masters of flexibility and change are also great innovators and inventors. Their quick wit and charm often makes them very popular socially.

5’s make great marketing and advertising executives in addition as real estate and travel agents. They are born with a natural ability to “sell ice to an Eskimo.” A 5 that is stuck in a pedestrian job where they are not allowed to practice their incredible talents of persuasion is usually a very unhappy camper.

These clever and observant individuals also make great stand-up comedians and performers. As they are adventurous and risk-takers, number 5s also thrive best as a freelancers or business owners.

Sometimes these intelligent people bore so easily that it is difficult for them to stay in any one occupation or career for too long. The Number 5’s meaningful to success is learning how to follow by and finish one thing before they start another. They should also resist the temptation to be too glib, as it causes others not to take them seriously.

Destiny Number 6

Number 6’s are born diplomats who can restore balance to any disharmonious situation. Many of them are natural healers and excel as doctors, nurses, psychologists, counselors, babysitters and any occupation that involves taking care of the elderly, the sick or the poor.

These exceptional individuals are born with an innate talent of uplifting the spirits of others, especially during hard times. Some of them do this by service and others accomplish this by art, music or writing. Whether they are conscious of it or not, their destiny is often to restore faith in hearts that are broken.

Number 6’s are very concerned with family and children, and many of them feel unfulfilled in life if they don’t get the chance to raise a family. If you are a Number 6 you have a lot to offer the world in terms of the often-unappreciated task of parenting. No other number understands the mind of a child better.

Number 6’s can sabotage their success by being too demanding of themselves. Many of them have bad childhoods that cause them to grow up with a harsh inner critic that regularly tells them that they are not good enough. The meaningful to a number 6’s success is to be as loving, caring and respectful of themselves as they are too others.

Destiny Number 7

Those born with a number 7 Destiny number tend to be thoughtful introverts who treasure privacy and seclusion. They prefer to be invisible in a crowd and make excellent detectives and defenders of the law. Their acute strength of observation also leads many of them to careers in research and science.

Although they are deeply analytical, and sometimes already skeptical, many number 7’s have a secret passion for pursuing some aspect of neuro-linguistics, the occult, social anthropology or religion. Many of them are great armchair philosophers who use a lot of time thinking about the character of existence and truth.

Number 7’s can appear to be cold and withdrawn to others, as they are not very expressive e with their hands or facial movements. They also believe in saying as little as possible, as to them that is more of an expression of strength and dignity than wearing one’s heart on their sleeve.

Many 7’s are so bright that they can’t help but come off to others as hopeless eccentrics. The 7’s meaningful to success is to make sure that they take the time and energy to use some time outside their fascinating minds and connect to other people.

Their best way to express emotion is to write their feelings down on paper and show it to others.

Destiny Number 8

Those born with the Destiny number 8 are fated to make money during their lifetime. They have the possible for important achievement in business or other powerful locaiongs, however many of them are simply born into wealthy families.

Number 8’s are also very functional and seem to have a knack for building and accumulating wealth. For this reason they make excellent bankers, stockbrokers and accountants. A downside to this is that sometimes their desire to acquire more money becomes a burning desire that causes them to ignore family, friends and social life.

Although it seems that Number 8’s have it easy, much of their success is due to their sound judgment when it comes to money and commercial matters. 8’s are also excellent judges of character and do not suffer fools gladly.

The meaningful to a Number 8’s success is to always remember to count one’s blessings. As this can be a very materialistic and ambitious sign, their greed and position-consciousness can destroy their intimate relationships. Number 8’s should also watch out for making false friends who are only attracted to their money or strength. As they are so successful, they are often the targets of back stabbers, so they should choose their confidantes wisely.

Destiny Number 9

Number 9’s destiny often lies within the sphere of humanitarian causes. They make excellent teachers, counselors and priests. Nines are not very career pushed and are born with an innate understanding of human character.

These kind, considerate and compassionate individuals are often also blessed with literary or artistic gifts in addition. However, as many of them are so pushed to help the world and solve humanity’s problems, they don’t get around to expressing their artistic talents until very late in life. This is a shame because it is the number 9s who have produced the most inspirational and uplifting written and visual material.

9’s are idealists who believe the most valuable tool for change is to put wisdom into practice. A 9 rarely develops a personal goal that also does not include an interest in people and bettering the world. Friendships and love are much more important to a 9 than career, or already a 9’s own survival.

Some 9’s take their idealism to the point that they are always bitter and disappointed by others’ reaction to their humanitarian works. In order to live up to his or her highest possible, a 9 must take care not to be carried away by principles as this can rule to aloofness and pride. To stay on track, 9’s must always remember to forgive human beings for being so fallible.

Destiny Number 11

Number 11’s are conduits of spiritual information that often feel a great need to transform the world with their visions. This master number often sets goals for himself or herself that are almost impossible to live up to.

11’s have an innate spiritual strength and acute awareness of others that often has a positive transformative effect on other people’s lives. They often characterize a positive and upbeat attitude that others find contagious. Their ability to inspire others makes them excellent teachers, social workers, philosophers and advisors.

This deeply intuitive sign is also very interested in occult, religious or supernatural matters. Many of them are born psychic and at some point in their life become priests, nuns, tarot readers, astrologers, metaphysicians, light-workers, channellers and Reiki masters. Usually they are propelled on the spiritual path after taking a hard fall after a period of fantastic success very early in their life.

The strain of being so omniscient often deteriorates the delicate nervous systems of number 11’s that fit the profile of the “wounded healer.” Practices such as yoga and meditation keep the flighty number 11’s feet on the ground.

Destiny Number 22

Usually the destiny of a 22 is to become a leader of some kind in their field, whether it is politics, law, medicine or the entertainment industry. already as children, 22’s usually characterize a sense of direction, wisdom and talent that is far beyond their years.

The number 22 is called the Master Builder because they are capable of manifesting great changes on the earthly plane. They usually do this by the construction of some kind of empire, whether it is of a social, financial or religious character.

22’s are very balanced individuals who seem to rule charmed lives. This is because they are born with a keen sense of judgment in addition a functional sense that allows them to “beat the odds.” They are masters of manifestation who know how the strength of a negative thought or image can destroy possible.

22’s have very few negative qualities, but if they do self-sabotage their success it is because they become spoiled by regularly getting their own way. A 22 needs to realize that already a run of their bad luck would be perceived by other numbers to be a lucky streak. As they are often the focus of a lot of attention, 22’s also need to make sure that their own PR does not carry them away. This can rule to a disconnection from others in addition as a detachment from the 22’s original mission, which is to create facilities, systems and structures that enhance the world.

Destiny Number 33

A name that reduces down to Destiny number of 33 is very scarce. Usually this marks an individual a being destined for some great purpose in life, usually of a religious or military character.

Number 33’s are usually enlightened individuals who are fated to sacrifice their complete life for the sake of a rule or an idea. For this reason many become world-renowned spiritual or political leaders who dedicate their lives to spiritual enlightenment.

On the down side, some 33’s are born to express the shadow side of the collective consciousness of mankind. Their emergence into locaiongs of strength and public life is often to demonstrate the potentiality of evil to the world. For this reason, the destiny number 33 can also create a serial killer, a tyrant or a malevolent cult leader.

hether for good or for evil, the destiny of a 33 is usually to transform the world’s perception of morality and spirituality, whether it is by direct teachings or inspiration or the provocation of a reaction to a tragic event.

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