Do Famous Spiritual Energy Healers Manifest Miracles?

Do Famous Spiritual Energy Healers Manifest Miracles?

What is an energy healer? Energy healing is a general term used to describe a healing that is achieved via what is sometimes described as an invisible subtle spiritual energy force. This spiritual energy force is used to heal others, either nearby or at a distance. An energy healer or spiritual healer is someone who can tap this force and send spiritual energy to others.

There are and have been many noted spiritual energy healers, some claiming to manipulate this spiritual energy, others attributing the healing to divine intervention or the aid of angels, spirit guides or non physical entities. Some of the more famous healers have already been asked to participate in scientific studies attempting to prove the effectiveness of their techniques and often the study validates their healing abilities.

Many healers claim that we all have the innate ability to tap this spiritual healing energy and use it to help others. To that end there are now more and more healing schools many of which choose to focus on a particular healing method among a variety of them. Healing methods vary but some of the more popular ones include reiki, quigong healing, therapeutic touch, crystal healing and more. For example, famous healer Barbara Brennan runs the popular Barbara Brennan healing school.

Now, although it is said that anyone can learn and enhance their ability to heal others there are definitely some special healers that seem to have an innate talent in this area.

One of the most famous, if not the most famous healer of the modern era was Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), a psychic healer and psychic trance channeller and some say the founder of the New Age movement, though he himself claimed to be a devout Christian, albeit with beliefs outside of the norm. Cayce was most famous for channeling answers to question concerning the health of distant patients. There are numerous testimonials to the effectiveness of his distant healing diagnoses.

There are currently thousands of followers of Edgar Cayce and centers in 25 different countries. Cayce, known as the Sleeping Prophet, would lie down and go into a trance state and then give his readings. It is reported that he gave about 20,000 readings in his lifetime.

The before mentioned Barbara Brennan has trained thousands of students in her method of energy healing. She is a scientist, healer, author and trainer. One of her most popular healing books is Hands of Light A Guide to Healing by the Human Energy Field. Brennan teaches her students about the human energy field or aura and how to heal it. The book cites medically verified case studies of a variety of people with different illnesses being healed.

Eric Pearl, chiropractor and healer is the author of The Reconnection. Pearl is a well known healer that originated the concept of reconnective healing. He describes reconnective healing as a way for the individual to reconnect to the fullness of the universe and to the fullness of their own individual beings. He states that healings occur by a new bandwidth of evolutionary frequencies brought in via a spectrum of light and information. While all this may sound a bit airy and vague the numerous reported healings (including cancers, aids, chronic fatigue, cerebral palsy and others) that have occurred as a consequence seem to indicate that it is an effective method of healing. Pearl’s reconnective healing school teaches that everyone can become healers via this new method.

Famous healer Dean Kraft was the basis for the NBC movie A Touch of Hope. One of the most studied and validated healers around he seemingly went into hiding for years as his popularity rose. Kraft reports that Energy Healing activates the mind/body connection and can unblock and balance the patients natural energy fields in order to jumpstart the individual’s own healing system. Kraft used visualization techniques concentrating on the auric body and energy points of the afflicted person. He also sometimes used the laying on of hands to affect the healing. Dean Kraft was reported to have healed those experiencing with many types of cancer including brain tumors, liver, breast and ovarian.

Adam the Dream Healer is a young Canadian student studying molecular biology and biochemistry. He has been featured on a number of tv shows detailing his exploits as a healer. His latest books is Intention Heals and details how to use the intention of your thoughts to heal your body and others. In it he lays out his own scientific explanation as to the mechanics of healing. Dreamhealer Adam has also set up a website online as a gathering place for others to focus their intentions on healing those afflicted with certain diseases. He’ll pick a particular disease, say diabetes, and have everyone focus their energy on healing those with that particular illness at a specific time of the day.

Rosalyn Bruyere is the founder, director and Teacher of the Healing Light Center Church. She is an acclaimed healer, medicine woman and clairvoyant. Some of her books include Wheels of Light and Chakra Healing. She frequently works with physicists and scientists to bring about a greater cohesion between physicians, healers and patients. She has done research studies on the human aura field in addition as used it in attempting to clarify and cure disease in those she treats with her spiritual energy healings. Bruyere is the originator of Chelation therapy in addition as Brain Balancing. Bruyere is well-versed in the areas of holy geometry, mystery schools, shamanic rites and many other ancient traditions and practices. She blends an in thoroughness knowledge in the healing arts with a powerful ability to heal.

Carol Everett is a medical intuitive, energy healer and clairvoyant. She uses her psychic powers not only for diagnosing health problems and healing but in other investigative areas in addition including police investigations and has already helped Scotland Yard. One of her specialties is drawing accurate portraits of unknown criminals for the police. In 1994 in a filmed scientific experiment conducted under lab conditions by Professor Yoshio Machi of Japan, Everett correctly diagnosed and from a distance of six feet used her psychic healing energy to help heal the medical condition of a woman she had never met before.

Rosemary Altea is a spiritual medium and healer who runs a non-profit charitable healing organization called rahef where they practice absent or distant healing. If you need any free long distance healing, aka absent healing, you simply request a free healing at their website and they will start sending spiritual healing energy your way. You can already pick an individual healer from their team of healers to send you spiritual energy. Altea believes that healing always occurs, already though it may not heal the physical self and that the prayers of healing to God bring the light of healing and love to the soul and spirit and that hopefully that will transmit to the physical body in addition.

Sathya Sai Baba is a guru and religious leader of South India known as a miracle worker. How popular is Sai Baba? It is estimated that he has over 6 million followers worldwide. There are currently around 1200 Sai Baba center in 114 countries. Their are many legends surrounding Sai Baba, but it often seems impossible to discriminate the myth from reality. The claims for healings and manifestations surrounding him and his devotees are incredibly numerous. It is said that he daily manifests holy ash in addition as other items.

Erlendur Haraldsson, a retired Icelandic psychology professor, interviewed many of Sai Baba’s devotees and ex-devotees in addition as investigating his supposed miracles and manifestations. His research revealed numerous extraordinary testimonies of reported miracles. The supposed miracles included bilocation, physical disappearance, manifestations, transmutations of liquid, healings, visions, dreams, weather control and more.

There are many other famous healers like John of God, not mentioned above, in addition as some not so famous who may possess or have access to the same if not greater powers of healing. Ultimately, one can and should take every measure to activate their own natural healing powers, in spite of of whether that cause gets tripped by traditional method, different measures, or one’s own innate healing mechanisms.

Many skeptics question the ability of anyone who claims or have others claim them to be spiritual energy healers. A healthy skeptism is necessary to protect one from fraud and already medical abuse. Charlatans do exist. However, it seems that one can hardly dismiss the thousands and thousands of testimonials from those who have claimed to have been helped by energy healers, many after standard medical treatment failed. That, in conjunction with the numerous studies pointing to the efficacy of energy healing methods and in many situations the effectiveness of the healers themselves, seems to indicate that the prudent approach would be to avail oneself of both avenues of therapy, standard and different.

In the end, one should be open to healing, in any case the source.

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