Easy Ways to Get and Stay Healthy While Building a Successful Home Bus…

Im committed to making sure that I stay healthy while creating financial wealth for myself, my family and others. Coming from the business of selling cars, I was indoctrinated in a dogmatic philosophy that basically said work a lot, make a boat load of cash and ignore things like health and quality time with your family. What good is financial wealth if you arent sharing yourself with the people you love and who love you? As if being a stranger in your own home wasnt enough, we were also literally working ourselves to death. I knew car guys that had been in the business 25 years. After a quarter century of sitting behind a desk for 12 to 15 hours a day and eating delivery food, they became 300lbs of heart attack waiting to happen. Sure… being dead may give you more time off but doesnt bode well for family time.

Part of the reason for running a home business is that it gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it. The problem is that for most of us exercise isnt any fun at all and consequently we never want to do it. If youre looking for me to say that I understand and that its OK because you are doing what you have to do, you might be disappointed. I believe Im stating the obvious when I say that exercise is a basic ingredient to the recipe for a high quality life. So what do we do? For the really busy (lazy) days we are bound to have while building our home business, try these tips in lieu of more strenuous or time consuming activities.

Fidget – Seriously… tap your fingers, bounce your knees, drum your thighs and get up and walk around your desk. Studies have shown that you can burn up to 350 calories more a day just by doing that. Thats more than 30 pounds a year! Watch what you eat – I know right now youre saying. Wow… thanks for the revelation, but follow me for a second. I average literally WATCH what you eat. Catalog every portion size and calorie. If you know youll be sitting on your butt all day, dont eat like your training for a wrestling match with The Rock. When youre in your house, grazing is unavoidable and 3 to 4 thousand calories can sneak up on you. Use Dailyplate.com or free iPhone apps like Lose It to track your intake. They are super easy and typically have huge food databases. It takes just a few seconds to log a meal. With practice, you can plan your eating in a way that truly helps you lose weight. Come up with an opportunity/conference call workout – have you ever been on a call in passive mode where your job was merely to pay attention. Though working on different projects at the same time is a bad idea because, as we all know, you can only focus on one thing at a time, you CAN do crunches, or push ups, or walk on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike and nevertheless follow along. Try not to work too hard though as you may start concentrating more on your discomfort than the meeting. I personally use the Perfect Pushup all the time. I cant find an excuse not to. If you need to take notes, put the call on speaker and use a digital recorder (iPhones have a great one built in). Simply make a mental observe of the time you hear things you may want to write down. Go to the appropriate time in the recording and jot away.

Do I think this can be a replace going to the gym? Sure… if youre committed, there are plenty of workouts that you can do in the house that competitor what you would unprotected to in the gym; The best thing being that it takes away none of your precious time. What Ive found with others that have taken this approach is that once you develop the habit of fitness and you body begins to feel healthier, you tend to find some time in the day to go to the gym to get your level of fitness to the next level.

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