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Create eBooks and Print Books for Amazon Kindle (KDP), iPad, Android. Create Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fixed Layout, Poetry and Comic eBooks. Create eBooks in MOBI, EPUB, information and PDF Formats!


How to Self-Publish your eBook
Many people have a dream of being an author and surprise how to go about publishing an eBook and specifically how to self-publish on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBookStore, Smashword, Lulu.

All you need is my Ultimate eBook Creator. I produced UEC for my wife and she tells me, UEC is probably one of the best eBook creation software on the market today.

You can write your eBook from scratch using the built in MS information style editor. If you already have your content in a text file, PDF or MS information document, then you can quickly import your content into UEC, organize your content into chapters and sections and have your e-book published in less than 30 minutes (depending on how large the book is).

UEC is probably the only e-book software you will ever need! It takes care of all the complicate formatting and automatically generates your “Table of Contents”, so all your formatting headaches are gone! You can generate for Kindle (MOBI), EPUB, MS information or PDF. EPUB files are accepted by all ebook publishers such as, Barnes and Noble, iBookStore, Smashwords, LULU.com.


Why Kindle eBook Formatting is not easy?
Did you know that 95% of the people who manage to publish an eBook for the Kindle never sell a single copy. It’s not their content. Most of the time the author has probably spent hours, already days or weeks writing the eBook. So why do they fail! Well it’s the final step … Formatting the eBook!
Formatting your eBook to satisfy the rules for Amazon KDP is not easy! All you have to do is Google search the phrase “Kindle formatting issues” and you’ll see what I average. Poor formatting results in bad customer experience, and already worse, puts your book on Amazon’s poor quality radar and they will…

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