Electric means Recharging Stations Investment Opportunities

Venture Capital companies and Investor Owned Utilities (IOU) invest in electric-means charging infrastructure. Some stations include covered solar panel charging stations. Cities across America are implementing electric means (EV) charging stop in downtown areas and suburbs fostering sustain for electric cars.

This green energy momentum is very visible. Will this market ever complete with gas stations? Lawmakers in Washington passed a bill to allow electric strength utilities and IOU’s to invest in the electric-means charging sector. These investments receive the usual rate of return approved by the PUC.

Regulators in many states not extremely investor-owned utilities from selling electricity at retail charging stations. Can anyone envision pulling into a Shell or BP stop to find electric means charging stations located near the air compressors? When will the changes in the automobile industry be reflected in the gas stop industry? Electric cars travel 75 to 179 miles on a charge. This problem currently prohibits cross-country travel in electric vehicles.

There are over 23,000 charging stations in the U.S. This infrastructure cost investment exceeds $130 million. These infrastructure costs decline as technology improves and public sustain increases. Large areas across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California are great states for this new investment.

Utilities function large transmission and electrical grids and invest in major infrastructure projects. They are ideal investors and backers for building out charging stop networks. Investors could include the automobile companies with large electric means divisions.

This kind of investment is permissible in the deregulated subsidiaries of Electric Investor Owned Utilities like ConEd Solutions, NRG, and DTE Energy Investments. The returns can be higher and often better or more efficient technology can be found in this area of venture capital. The return on investment in small and medium sized towns could be 8% to 12%. Many cities will want to own and control these investments. Data generated from these stations will help city managers place more as need increases.

The green energy markets are expanding in commercial and industrial business. Imagine major corporations installing many EV recharging stations as part of their annual employee goodwill expenditures. This will happen soon.

Will pension fund money go into into this sector? Hedge funds and other energy investment investors will go into this arena as the electric vehicles market matures. Ford, Toyota, and Tesla are selling many electric vehicles. This makes sense in a country filled with environmentalists and a nation determined to do the right thing in moving our auto industry forward.


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