Elephants – A Few Interesting Details


Elephants are the largest of land mammals. They are regal creatures used throughout the world as images of stateliness and ceremony. They are, in general, private, gentle and herd-like creatures. They are in danger in some areas because of illegal ivory trade killings. Its long trunk, huge head with large flat ears and columnar legs characterize this enormous creature.

There are certain interesting facts about elephants. Elephants are sensitive associate animals where if a baby grumbles, the whole family will collectively be unsettled and go over to touch and embrace it. Elephants are said to cry, play, have incredible memories, and laugh. Elephants also mourn at a loss of a stillborn baby, a kin member, and, in many situations, other elephants. Elephants have greeting sets when a friend that has been absent for a little time returns to the group.

The elephants are of great importance to us from the ecological point of view. They offer an basic role in the ecology they dwell in. They amend their habitat by changing the savannah, woodlands and grasslands. Elephants can supply water for other types by digging water holes in dry riverbeds. The depressions shaped by their footprints and their bodies trap the water of the rainfall. Elephants act as seed dispersers by their fecal matter. It is regularly carried underneath ground by dung beetles and termites making the soil to turn out to be more aerated and further distributing the nutrients. An elephant’s passage by the high grassland offers food for birds by unsettling small reptiles, amphibians or insects.

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