Emmy Winning Comedy Show, The Office –  A fleeting Overview

Emmy Winning Comedy Show, The Office – A fleeting Overview

There are literally millions of different office buildings across the country and each has their own specific purposes and business to take care of. Some offices require highly technical supplies such as imagesetters and screen platesetters. However, other offices are paper supply companies, and that is the case with fictional company Dunder Mifflin on the Emmy winning show The Office. The Office, as the title indicates, revolves around an office at the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of Dunder Mifflin paper company and the hilarious staff that work there. The show was originally produced in England by a man named Ricky Gervais, who works on the production crew for the American version, and was also a big hit across the sea.

The boss and regional manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin is Michael Scott. Michael, played brilliantly by actor Steve Carell, is almost exactly what most people do not want as their boss. Michael tries to be friends with all of his employees, but lacks any kind of social tact or knowledge of what people like. Often producing cringe worthy humor that’s painfully awkward, Michael often accidentally offends his employees because he is simply put kind of stupid.

Another of the important characters on the show is Dwight Schrutte. Dwight is the assistant regional manager, a job that Michael calls assistant to the regional manager in a long running joke on the show. Dwight is a very bizarre man and his all kinds of different quirks. For example, he raises beets on a beet farm and has since he was little. Despite the fact that he is incredibly socially awkward, Dwight is regularly sucking up to Michael and trying to get ahead and the two are basically best friends on the show.

Dwight’s biggest competitor on the show is undoubtedly Jim Halpert. Jim is a very talented, but also very lazy, salesman who regularly picks on and pulls pranks on Dwight because he thinks it is funny. On one Christmas themed episode Jim truly takes Dwight’s desk apart and then wraps it up with wrapping paper and puts a bow on it telling Dwight not to open his desk until Christmas. On a different episode, Dwight comes in to work and his desk is completely missing. Jim then tells Dwight that clearly Dwight has misplaced his desk and tells him whether he is getting closer or further away from it when he moves around the office. It turns out that Jim decided to place the desk in the bathroom. In one of the more important stories on the show, Jim is involved in a close friendship at first and then a romance with receptionist Pam Beasley.

The Office has won numerous awards based on its accuracy in comparison to what life in an office is truly like and during its run has been one of the most popular TV shows on the air, and will probably continue to be for at the minimum a few more years before it runs out of steam and ultimately goes off the air.

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