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The more time you use manually processing payroll by calculating hours, trying to determine when overtime rules apply, and deciphering the cryptic notes left on punch clock cards, the more likely you are to make a mistake. Manual payroll processing is inclined to human error, errors that can cost you time and money. Employee time clock software performs all the complicated calculations for you by applying your payroll rules.

Time Clock Software immediately Totals Hours Worked
One of the biggest drain on resources when processing employee payroll is manually adding up all of the employee time cards. already if you have a mechanical punch clock, it may not know when to apply daily or weekly overtime rules. Fixing missed punch times or adding hours for time worked off site takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. Employee time card software makes payroll processing easy and completely accurate by immediately totaling regular and overtime hours worked according to your business rules. Take the guess-work out of processing payroll and remove the stress caused by being afraid to make a mistake on someones paycheck.

Time Clock Software Automatically Includes Paid Time Off
The scenario is a shared one. An employee opens his paycheck to discover he has been shorted 16 hours. A punch clock is not designed to record time not worked, but employee time card software is. Quickly add paid vacation or sick leave to employee time card reports to be included in payroll processing. Better in addition, add all paid holidays at the beginning of the year and not worry about missing them later because they will be ready when processing payroll for the payroll period in which they occur. Leave entries can be recorded as manual time card entries for a single worker, or an complete group of workers at the same time. Employee time card software makes it easy to keep track of all your paid and unpaid time and attendance needs.

Time Clock Software Consistently Applies Rounding Rules
Have you ever wondered when you are supposed to round time up and when you are supposed to round time down? Employee time clock software can take away all the guessing by automatically rounding employee hours to the nearest tenth or quarter hour. Stop trying to transform time to decimals so you can input employee hours into your payroll software. Employee time card software does that automatically for you so you can print your payroll reports in either time or decimal format. With so many payroll configuration options, employee time clock software will easily adapt to your business ecosystem.

Time Clock Software Eliminates Duplicate Data Entry
Once you figure out all of the regular hours and overtime for each employee, being careful not to forget any hours for paid time off, it is time to go into all of those figures into your payroll system. If you did not make a mistake before, your chances have just increased considerably. Data entry errors may occur by transposing numbers or recording payroll hours for the wrong employee. Employee time card software will export employee hours automatically for quick import into your payroll system. You will save time and eliminate data entry errors with time clock to payroll integration.

Employee time clock software helps businesses of any size reduce payroll costs by providing a cost-effective solution for managing payroll processing.

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