Ever Considered a Roving Dinner Party?

Ever Considered a Roving Dinner Party?

A roving dinner party is not the usual image that comes to mind when people think of the words dinner party. By roving, I average not just staying in the one location – but roving from one private venue to the next – maybe a course at each? Maybe the first course in a garden setting, then indoors for the main and dessert?

When you hear the words dinner party most people imagine a small group of invited guests having a meal at the great numbers house – a party over dinner. A relaxed get-together at the one location.

But it doesnt have to be like that – in fact, Id recommend you try a totally different dinner party experience with your friends, neighbors, colleagues or acquaintances. Or anyone important enough to you that that youd like to organize a dinner party with.

Not that traditional dinner parties arent fun – theyre just typical. Moving around can add an component of excitement – especially if you dont have to move too far to the next location (imagine hiring a limousine to take you from one to the next taking in a bit of a pictureque route)! But, hey, a walk is just as good! By sharing the dinner party preparation with your guests, it takes the pressure off just the one cook – a group of friends can proportion the cooking but make the experience amazing. A great dinner party can cost a lot so you also get to proportion the expense.

A roving dinner party really is an excellent idea if you want a great three course meal or more.. Ill tell you a little of my last experience..

I have a few friends that are just as into spoiling their guests as I am. So, I approached two of our friends who live close by and suggested we all chip in and great number a roving dinner party. We were all within a short walking distance to each other so we didnt have to worry about drink driving or anything. The date was set and we decided who would great number the starter at their house, who would great number the main and who would great number the dessert..

It was a superb night – the actual experience was the most noticable thing about the dinner.

When we got to our friends house for the starter, they welcomed us with some uncommon cocktails and a light platter of canapes. We sat and ate a wonderful entree and an accompanying drink. We didnt rush it – we had plenty of time.

We moved on to my house for the main. On arrival to our house, Id had all the candles prepared and ready to light and Id chosen the background music that would set the mood further.. It was Buddha Bar CD – Id been to the Buddha Bar in Paris for dinner and bought their CDs as a memento.. this was the sort of music I wanted to play as Id enjoyed my meal in Paris so much listening to this and it also brought back wonderful memories.

I had of course prepared a meal in improvement and on arrival, I was able to make the final touches to the dish quickly and dress the salad so it was lovely and crisp and fresh. Wed bought a bottle of Pinot Gris wine to match the fish dish Id prepared.

We ate and laughed and chatted. already though we knew dessert was at our other friends house, the whole experience was just plain exciting.. and because we knew at the outset what our plans were, we were all prepared that the dinner would include moving around.

When we thought the time was right, we moved on to the final destination where our other friend had again put a lot of thought and preparation into just the right dessert to suit the event. Shed prepared a baked dessert and all she had to do was pop it into the oven as we settled in to the new ecosystem. Again, the mood had been set with lighting and the table was beautifully set with flower arrangements, dessert wine glasses and the cutlery and plates for our pudding. We eased into the new ecosystem and soon the dessert was ready to be served. It was truly sensational..

The whole dinner took a few hours but of course it flew and before we knew it, it was finished.
But not forgotten!

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