Exact time dangerous fog will descend on parts of England with drivers…

DANGEROUS fog is set to hit parts of England in just hours with drivers warned to be on alert for enormous traffic chaos.

The yellow weather warning comes into effect from 5pm this evening to 11am on January 14, with drivers warned of “potentially tricky conditions”.


The yellow weather warning comes into effect from 5 pm this evening to 11 am on January 14Credit: Bav Media


halting fog will hit the south of England on Thursday 13 JanuaryCredit: Rick Findler / Story Picture Agency


A fog warning has been issued as the Met Office predicts that low visibility could cause meaningful problems

According to the Met Office’s warning, fog patches will form during the evening before spreading overnight – prompting the warning for travel disruptions.

Drivers have been warned to expect slower journey times with delays to buses and trains, in addition as flights.

Temperatures will be far colder in the south than in the Scottish Highlands, with a difference of up to 12C as temperatures plummet to a frosty -2C across the West Midlands.

Parts of the Scotland Highlands could see temperatures of up to 10C overnight, while most of the south will be wrapped in a frozen fog.

Forecaster, Aiden McGivern reported: “Another blue sky, winter day for many places but it will be cloudier and breezier for parts of the far north of Scotland.

“But where we’ve seen some persistent fog by the morning and early afternoon on, it’s going to be a bit colder.

“And it’s frosty nights once more across much of England and Wales, temperatures widely below halting.”

It comes ahead of a cold weekend where most of southern England will feel the chilly winter morning’s with temperatures as low as 0C during the day in parts of the Midlands.

There have already been warnings of cancelled flights out of major airports such as London Heathrow, as England braces itself for a night of chaos.

The Met Office said: “Fog, snow, ice and crosswinds average that air traffic controllers have to increase the gap between planes that are landing, reducing the number of aircraft that an airport can manage.

“The same weather can make it slower and more difficult for the planes to taxi between the runway and terminal building.

“As many commercial flights are cruising more than five miles above the ground, they can be affected by different weather than we are experiencing on the ground.

“That’s a fairly big task for one plane but imagine the task at Heathrow on a snowy January morning.

“Then think about the people who do this work getting to the airport – the same snow and ice are probably affecting the roads and railways.”

The weather warning in effect is due to clear at 11 am tomorrow but the fog may become extremely thick during the evening with visibility below 100 m in places.


Temperatures in the south are expected to hit lows of -2C overnightCredit: LNP


Some low lying clouds and fog may linger into Friday afternoonCredit: Alamy


Average London temperatures are expected to be 10C colder on average than in parts of northern ScotlandCredit: PA

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