Exploring Yahoo

Exploring Yahoo is fun and exciting for many users. Not only do users have a wide range of web sites to search, they also have free access to e-mails, chat rooms, boards and more. Yahoo offers the Internet community a wide range of sets, specials, and open directories and so on.

What Yahoo uses to draw the community in?

RSS Shopping Emails Chat Rooms Game Rooms Stock Trading Centers News Rooms Open Directories

Yahoo offers the latest RSS, which are the area where users can draw from information and news on a simple syndication that permits web sites in addition as blog areas to deliver web content straightforward. If you find blog areas, of interest, you merely click on that link and RSS will start feeding direct links to your Yahoo page. RSS makes it possible to track with ease whether you want news, New York Times pages and so on.

Shopping is easy on Yahoo web pages. Now you can compare and review products from millions of online stores with ease. Yahoo makes it easy to access millions of pages and to use tools in comparing products.

Yahoo offers the communities free emails. You sign up for an account and you are also direct users to areas where you can download your own toolbar, create personal web pages and more.

Chat rooms at Yahoo offer a variety of options to the Internet community. Chat rooms give users the chance to meet new people while chatting at many chat rooms online. You can select from a list of chat rooms (E.g. romance, friends) or create your own chat area.

Game rooms offered by Yahoo gives you the option of meeting new people also. You have thousands of game rooms to select from; in addition, you can chat with other gamesters online. You can also create your own personality at the sites.

Stock exchange is in. Yahoo makes it possible for investors to get updated information at the stock trading centers. The centers give you readouts of the latest bids/asks, buy/sells and statistics. You have access to a wide range of stock channels that help you to stay up to date to reduce risks in stock exchange.

The Internet community has access to newsrooms. At the news rooms users can keep posted on the latest news in entertainment, sports, weather, changes in the world and more.

Open directories fall along the line of free advertisement and business connections. Open directories offer Internet businesses the opportunity to collect inbound/outbound links, submit articles for publication to directories and more. This gives Internet businesses access to great web page promotion tools. Yahoo also provides the community with Hot Job pages where users can find employers around the world post their begin again and find jobs.

Yahoo offers desktop tools or search utilities in addition. This gives users the chance to sort by millions of pages easier, improve their search and control index processing, in addition as Messenger and Emails.

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