Facts About Zebra Finches

Facts About Zebra Finches

It does not matter if they come from the same family… they nevertheless have differences that make them rare from the others of the same family.

From Down Under

Zebra finches are very shared in Central Australia. They cover most of the continent but are not a fan of the cool moist air in the south and the tropical weather of the north. Aside from the Down Under, these types of finches reside in Indonesia in addition as Timor-Leste. There have also been some reports that these were introduced in the United States, Portugal, and Puerto Rico.

The average size of Zebra finches range from ten centimeters by 3.9 inches long. They usually eat grass, seeds, and love to chatter trills and calls.

Forest birds

These birds live in the forests and grasslands that are usually close to the water. You can find them in open steppes having bushes and trees. They have alternation to human’s intervention consequently making use of watering-holes and patches of deforested land as their homes. Man usually keeps zebra finches for breeding, genetic researches, and as pets.

Breeding season

During the rainy season, these birds become busy for the breeding season. Captive birds can and are ready for breeding almost all year round. Wild birds, however, have various breeding patterns depending on its adaptability and nesting habitats. Some of these habitats include low trees, bushes, cavities, and shrubs. They too can make a home out of termite hills, nests of other birds, fractures, rabbit burrows, and crevices. You may also find them on the ledges of human structures.

Life span

Unlike the other finches, Zebra finches can live up to 15 years on its natural habitat depending on its genes and the ecosystem. For those zebra finches in captivity, they can live five to ten years on the average. Predators such as cats are one of the greatest survival threats of this species. Loss of natural food is another one.


Zebra finches chiefly satisfy on seeds because their beaks are built for husking small seeds. Those wild finches eat millet, but will also eat any other seed that they can find. Those in captivity will also eat egg as their food. The way they eat (dropping the seeds in other places) helps in plant reproduction.

If you want to learn more about Zebra finches, you can always read some books about them. Researching online is also one thing that you can do. It takes time and passion to take care of these pets so do buy if you really want to have them. Zebra finches are so adorable that your friends may already want to have some of their own. Nevertheless, let them understand that they have to provide in any case these birds need to ensure their survival in the end.

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