Facts And Truths About House Lizards Infestation

Lizards arent something we ever expect to see in our homes. If anything, if theres one running around the house, its more than likely the family pet. For a number of people though, these lizards are nothing more than uninvited guests. You will see them scurrying across the floor, up the walls, in the ceiling, and perhaps already hear them inside the walls or ceiling. If theres any good news to all this, its that these geckos are harmless.

The fear you might experience around them is all your own. If you arent intimidated by their turn up or this species of lizard in general, you might consider keeping one as a pet. We dont suggest that you do that! Like many lizards, the house lizard is high maintenance. You would need to make a number of purchases and work hard to continue the right ecosystem for the lizard. Most people arent willing to give this level of commitment.

House lizards are well known for entering homes by holes or fractures. If you own a house and can visually see any fractures or holes around the perimeter of your house, so can the geckos. They are very intelligent when it comes to finding entrances to our homes. Once inside, if they find a new food source, and they often do, they arent going to leave on their own. You will need to take some form of action in order to resolve the problem.

These little creatures can easily go into fractures in the foundation or holes in the side of your house. already if the space seems too small, its really not. House lizards can also go into your home by the fractures around your windows. If you see one on the wall or ceiling, in close closeness to one of your windows, you should inspect the area around the window very closely.

If you dont take the time to seal or patch any holes, and allow them to live in your home, the problem wont go away. There are some regions of the world where homeowners simply ignore them. This is because they are very effective when it comes to keeping the population of other insects in check.

This isnt a good reason for ignoring the problem. Youre replacing one pest with another. While a particular insect might decline in numbers, the population of the house lizard will surely increase with time. So youll want to get rid of them. If you have other pets, particularly a dog or cat, they will probably chase after any lizards in your home. Keep your house clean and look into different lizard repellents and flypaper to get rid of the house lizards already in your home.

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